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Allen Texas is such a cool place to live! Today, we’ll walk you through Allen Texas, and what you can get in the $300,000 range in Allen Texas! You’ll be happy to know that, if you have a budget in the $300,000 range, you’ll be able to find a great home in Allen Texas. Allen is north of Dallas Texas, and it’s quickly growing in popularity in the Dallas area.

You’ll find homes that are a little older here in the Allen area, but a lot of them have either been recently updated, or they have great potential for increasing in value with a few solid updates. Today, I’ll show you a couple of different choices in the lower, mid, and upper $300’s. You should have a pretty good idea of what to expect in this price range by the end of this video! If you are thinking about moving to Allen Texas, or if you just have questions about the general Dallas Texas area or Dallas Texas real estate, be sure to reach out to the Living in Dallas Texas team! We specialize in relocations, so we can definitely help you out with your move, wherever you’re moving from. We have a special understanding of the entire Dallas Texas (and Fort Worth) area! So give us a call, shoot us a text, or send us an email if you need help – we’d love to help you make a smooth move to Dallas! Let’s explore Allen Texas in the $300,000 range today!


Our first house is located in a really nice area! There’s a big open field, a park, and some walking trails in this area, and it’s all right across the street from this house! These are kind of hallmark features of homes in Allen – the outdoors is definitely going to be right at your doorstep. This particular park is right on the edge of Oak Point Park as well, which is a HUGE nature preserve that everyone here absolutely loves. It’s the perfect place to get lost in nature for an afternoon!

The other thing to point out in this neighborhood is the alleyways. A lot of people who move out of state get freaked out by the idea of an alleyway, but here in Texas, it’s a luxury! Having an alleyway that leads to your garage keeps your street looking clean and your garage and driveway private. We just do things a little more classy here in Allen Texas! Trust me – you’ll love the alleyways once you have one!

This house is really nice! It could use a couple of updates, but overall, it’s a solid house, and the price per square foot is around $205, which is really good for this area, and it’s probably a lot lower than the average price per square foot from where you’re coming from, especially if you’re moving to Dallas Texas from California, New York, Chicago, Washingon State, etc. In the video, I’ll show you some pics of the house and drive you through this neighborhood as well.


Another really awesome house here in Allen Texas! That’s another thing that you’ll find in Allen… you just get more for your money here, and yet you’re still close to some of the bigger cities, so you don’t really miss out on any amenities. This house has a brick facade on the outside, which is pretty common in the Allen area, and the yard is a really good size as well!

That’s another thing you’ll like about Allen… a lot of the homes are on larger lot sizes than you’re probably used to! This area is up-and-coming, so houses are not stuffed side by side in tiny lots, so if you like a little space between you and your neighbors, Allen is an excellent choice for you!


This house is probably my favorite in the $300,000 range today! This house was built in the 2000’s, but it’s got a nice brick exterior, and it’s only $195/square foot! The interior has a lot of nice updates as well, and the overall style is really nice.

That’s another thing to keep in mind. In some cities, you pay a lot for the updates in a home, because the competition is so fierce. Places like Frisco have premium prices because of the combination of location and home updates. Here, you aren’t going to run into that as much… the houses are priced right! This has been a more and more popular city for us as we’ve had clients move from out of state. A lot of people love all that you can get in this North Dallas Texas suburb!

Overall, Allen is awesome, and if your budget is in the $300,000 range when you’re shopping for a house, you have a lot of options to choose from here in Allen, and in a lot of other surrounding North Dallas suburbs. So if you need help choosing the right area for you, be sure to reach out to the Living in Dallas Texas real estate team! We’re happy to help you make a smooth move to Dallas Texas.

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