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A lot of people are moving from California to Dallas Texas. Why? Today I’ll tell you my story of why I moved from California to Dallas Texas! Dallas Texas is a really great place to live. I’ve always lived in California, but as I was raising my family, I started to notice some things I really didn’t like about California. That’s when I met Levi Lascsak through YouTube, and he and the Living in Dallas Texas team helped me and my wife and children get a home in the Dallas Texas area. I had such a good experience, that I decided to leave my high-paying career in the entertainment industry in California for a better life in Dallas Texas as a real estate agent with the Living in Dallas Texas team!

Between the overall community, the awesome schools, the freedom and diversity, the clean and safe environment, the awesome weather and the reduced traffic, Dallas Texas just made sense for me and my family, and I think the reasons for my move are likely going to be similar to some of the reasons you may want to move. If you’re looking to move from California to Dallas Texas, or from anywhere else in the country or around the world, we can help you make a smooth move to Dallas! We specialize in relocation buyers here in the Dallas Texas area, and we’d love to help you make Dallas Texas your new home. Give us a call, shoot us a text, or send us an email. We’d be happy to help! Let’s talk about why I moved from California to Dallas Texas today!


Moving to Texas in general was a really big decision for me and my family. We had lived in California our whole lives, and I had a great, high-paying job in the entertainment industry. However, I was unhappy with the living conditions there. There were a lot of safety and cleanliness issues there, and the pace just wasn’t working for me. Dallas Texas in particular had a unique pull for me, so after a lot of consideration, we decided Dallas was the place for us!


One of the main things that pulled us here was the sense of community that Dallas Texas had. Where I was at in California, there really was none of that – it was kind of every man for himself. I didn’t really feel like neighborhoods came together like they do here in Dallas, and that was something I really wanted for my kids.

There are also a lot of community events here in Dallas, which I really like! The mayor of our town actually invited all the families in the area to come listed to a Christmas story by the town Christmas tree this past year, which was really touching and fun. We didn’t get that kind of personal touch in California!


The schools here are also top-ranked. When we drove around here for the first time, I was asking if we were driving by a college… only to find out that THAT was a high school! Texas puts a lot of money and effort into their school systems, especially in the North Dallas Texas area, so getting amazing schools without having to pay a chunk of money (yes – they’re part of the PUBLIC school system here, which is incredible), like we were in California, was another huge incentive to move here.


There’s a lot of stuff going on in politics right now, but no matter what side of the aisle you land on, it’s no question that California has become a very controlled state. Freedom of speech and Freedom of thought is not really a priority in California, and I didn’t like that it was going in that direction. Texas is so nice, because Democrat, Republican, whatever…. it doesn’t matter. People here don’t really care what your viewpoint is… they just want you to be able to do what you want! That was such a comfort for me, especially as I have a couple of kids growing up right now. I wanted that relaxed state of thought for me and my family, and Texas (especially Dallas Texas) really delivers on the Freedom of Thought aspect.


I really wasn’t expecting this when we moved here, but there is a HUGE amount of diversity here in Texas! With so many people relocating to Texas from more expensive states, Dallas Texas has become a real melting pot, and when I go to my kids schools, I am amazed at all the ethnicities I see in the classroom. It’s amazing, and I love it! I really want my kids to have that as they grow up, so despite what you might believe, Dallas Texas is extremely diverse.


Now property taxes tend to be something everyone is wary of when they move to Dallas Texas, and I’ll admit – it was one of the things I worried about for a minute. However, what offsets that is that there are no state income taxes here, so really, it can end up being less taxes paid total, especially if you’re coming from one of these expensive states when you move here. It doesn’t bother me at all at the end of the day, but it’s probably something to be aware of when you make that move to Dallas.


If you live in California, you know how cleanliness is a major issue. I lived in a really “nice” neighborhood in California, and yet I would still come out to people sleeping on the street and doing drugs along the road. It was awful! Here, the streets are taken care of, a lot of neighborhoods are gated and have HOAs, and overall, there’s great pride in the cleanliness of the area. I really appreciate that!


That brings me to another major point, which is the safety aspect of Dallas Texas. I feel so much better about letting my kids play outside here in the Dallas Texas area. The communities here are safe, we actually know our neighbors, and the crime rate is so much lower than where we came from. With my young family, I want to be able to know that my kids can ride their bikes down the street without having to worry, and here in Dallas, that has been a major perk.


Of course, the weather here is amazing. The wide open Texas skies are beautiful, and overall, the weather is pretty mild! It does hit a cold snap for a month or two during the winter, but even winters are mild here. Then, after the winters cool off, Spring comes early, and Summer lasts long, which I really like! The weather here is awesome, so I don’t even miss the California sun.


True – there are no beaches here in Dallas… but the lake life here is unbelievable! The fact that there are white sand beaches on LAKES here makes me not even miss the beach because I can get the exact same experience here! Not only that, but the fact that everyone in Dallas loves lake life, and the fact that there are so many lakes to enjoy in the area makes leaving the beach behind in California no problem.


Everyone seems to think that Dallas Texas traffic is going to be so bad once they move here, but honestly, I didn’t feel that at all! I come from California, and if you do too, this is going to feel like absolutely nothing! I’ve spent two hours going a few miles in California traffic before, and you’ll never hit anything like that here in Dallas.

You might run into a little bit of traffic near downtown, but especially if you’re living and working in one of the suburbs, like Prosper, where I’m at, you’re really not going to see any traffic at all. The traffic here in Dallas Texas is pretty average, and the farther from the city you get, it’s actually below average, actually.

Overall, we’re so glad we made the move to Dallas Texas, and I loved my experience so much that I actually became a realtor with the Living in Dallas Texas team myself! So if you’re looking to move, or if you have any questions about moving to Dallas, be sure to reach out. I’d love to help!

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