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So you’re thinking about moving to Rockwall, Texas, we’ll only do that if you want the most amazing sunsets and all of Dallas. That’s right. We’re here in Rockwall, and we’re going to show you everything you need to know, take it a couple of neighborhoods. And if you stick around till the end, you’re gonna want to see, especially the 850,000 and the multi million dollar home that we show you towards the end, we’re going to show you the historic district, and you’re going to get everything in need to know so that way if you’re thinking of moving to Rockwall, this is your video. And we’re going to get after it right now.

Now there are no boats in there right now, but you can see they’ve got a little lighthouse right there. Which is pretty cool. Quite a few people out here today. But of course, not as busy, busy as it normally would be because of course COVID but we’re in January. The thing is, is that I mean, this is what you have to love about Texas is it’s January right now. And I mean I do have a light jacket on but I really don’t even need it because it’s about 65 degrees. But the you know, as Texans fit drops below 70, we start running for looking for jackets, looking for cover, turning up the heat and everything. So we’re not used to anything below 70 that much.

And so but still, it’s a beautiful day out here, but this is the harbor district. And you can see here, it’s a pretty popular spot in the summertime because you can park a boat, come up here and walk right up here. And then you saw behind me, which you will see here is this is all quite a bit of new development within the last 15 years. All these restaurants and shops. They’ve got movie theaters, some great restaurants and bars. Glorias, that’s a great Tex Mex place here in Rockwall area, you got speedboat which is another cool spot. I mean, so this is, like I said this is referred to as the harbor district. And it’s right here on the length. So if you really love the lake life, like we do, here in Texas, we love the lake life and the winds making my water a little bit more I’m not getting choked up over this video. But But yeah, it’s a it this is a great area. rock wall is about 43,000 people.

So it’s a great suburb just right outside of Dallas right across the lake, you can kind of see here in the back, there’s the bridge that goes all the way to downtown Dallas, you’re about 30 miles to downtown Dallas, and about 42 miles to the airport. So that is the downside I would say is that if you are a traveler, and you need to get to the airport often, then that’s going to be a little bit of a trick to get into to the airport at 42 miles. Now if you’re flying out of left field, which is where Southwest Airlines flies out of, then that’s about 30 miles still that’s pretty much close to downtown. So you know, with that being said, I would say that is probably the the big downside here especially if you’re going to be going in the morning, then traffic is going to be a little bit of a challenge for you. You know, heading into town, because of course people are coming, you know from rock wall and heading into Dallas going downtown. Now of course traffic since COVID has really kind of hashed out a bit it hasn’t. It’s dropped significantly. So that is something that you can also you know, you’ll just have to test out a little bit. But other than that you’ll see here there’s usually a lot of boats parked there, and especially in the summer. They have a marina in the back.

Right back here is where the Crystal Lagoon is. And that’s going to be over $1 billion project. We’ll stop by there and show you on the way out of town. But yeah, right here. This is all walking distance inside here. And I’ll go up there and show you around a couple of shops. Alright, let’s go take a look. Alright, so I wanted to show you real quick the crystal lagoon development, this is all this whole area back here, this is going to be an over $1 billion project, there’s going to be well over 1000 units coming in here, a couple of resorts, Sapphire Bay, they’re saying and they are going to have a huge Lagoon, it is awesome. Actually a fountain in the lagoon is over an acre itself. It’s a it’s a show fountain was they call, they’re gonna have white sandy beaches, apartments, condos, restaurants, everything, this whole area and it’s right on the lake. As you can see right behind me, it is going to be an awesome development, it’s going to be finished in the next. Well, they say about 2023. So if that timeline changes, we’ll let you know. But of course, you can always find something here in Rockwall. And then you can always move over here whenever they open it up. But for right now, it’s completely under development.

And they’re just now breaking ground starting to move some things around. But it’s going to be awesome. So let’s continue on with our tour. All right, so we’re walking back through here a little bit, you’ll see actually kind of kind of busy today, I’ve got a so that’s the rodeo goat, they’ve got a chocolate factory right there. This is glorias, which is a pretty popular Tex Mex restaurant here in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, we’ll see. I’m gonna walk you all the way around through here, but just wanted to you get a kind of another ide about just what it looks like, around the area. So, but it’s a beautiful day again, and lots of restaurants see in Waco, tobacco shop, got one tobacco shop there as well, they got a Cold Stone, they’ve got the Cinemark here too. So if you want to come catch a movie, if it’s even open, I’m not really sure right now, what the status is about that.

But they’ve got some bike parking, but just to give you an idea, too. There’s the parking lot. So that kind of gives you an idea about how many people are hanging around here. But you know, still everyone’s pretty distance pretty well. And fairly enough, so. So that’s a good thing. I’ve got some motorcycle parking. So it just kind of gives you an idea of a little bit more of the center. So with that being said, we’re going to go now and check out some homes, we’re gonna go check out some homes in your area, and not in your area in our area. But we’re gonna check them out in and around the three to three to six, six to nine and, and $1 million plus, so you can get an idea of what what your budget will get you here in the Rockwall area.

Alright, so that being said, let’s go check out the first house.


Alright, so we’re in our first neighborhood in a rock wall here. And I just wanted to show you kind of right behind me, these are fairly new construction homes, they were built around 2015. So just a couple of four, four years old or so. But they run on average, this is this one right behind me is four bedroom, three bath, it’s about 3300 square feet. So that should kind of give you an idea. And you’re going to find a lot of the deals as far as new construction in this area. For for about that that price. But this is that’s actually around $140 a square foot which is really low. the average here in Rockwall is more closer to about 165 you know, per square foot, which is still I mean that’s still pretty low when you compare that to you know, California in New York, or, or some other parts of Dallas. And you can see even on the other side behind me they’ve got some older ranch style homes, it looks like this one was was painted and, and also added some new shutters and did some updates. So you can see on this side, kind of the all the mature trees, right and you’ve got some of those old ranch style homes right behind me. And then on this other side. All this whole row is all new construction, all these homes around four bedroom, three bath 3300 square feet, but it should just give you an idea. And it looks like you know, they probably had to take down some trees to build those homes. Because you notice how they’re they’re missing a little bit more on that side.

But you know right there $430,000 that should give you an idea about what that’s going to get you here in the Rockwall area to start out with. So if you’re looking for something simple, but still a four bedroom, three bath for 3300 square feet is a really good size starter home. And there’s going to be several opportunities like this rock wall still has several opportunities for new construction. So if you want to build from the ground up, then you’re going to have that opportunity as well. Everything’s still expanding out this way. And not only just in Rockwall but some of the other surrounding small areas so you don’t need to be just in Rockwall. If you’re looking for something like a little bit More brand new construction. But there are those communities left right now. But those homes are selling pretty quickly. Again, not much is staying on the market. So, you know, with that being said, let’s go look at the next price point and see what around 600,000 we’ll get you.


Alright, so now we’ve just stepped into a new construction neighborhood. And these homes, were just a couple of these were just finished right now in 2020, you can kind of see right around behind me, there’s still quite a bit of area left to be developed. They even have a little church over there. Looks really nice. But these homes are really, really awesome. So this home is under contract right now for $670,000. It is a four bedroom, four bath, just over 3000 square feet. So it’s a little bit higher on the price per square foot right around. That is about $220 a square foot, as compared to that last house we just came from that was around $140. So you can see. But I tell you what, the inside of these homes are absolutely beautiful. These were very well done. I like the style of these homes. Personally, I mean, this is something for new construction, kind of I like that it’s kind of that whitewash brick are kind of doing a little bit of a little bit of a modern fill in there. But it’s not tacky, you know. So that’s, I don’t mind that at all. And you can see this one back here even looks really really nice. It’s got some really nice White Rock whitewashed brick and some some blue in there as well. They’ve got this one with the gray stone. This is typically what you see in in Texas, the they like the stone, the light colored stone for, for building homes. So this one is and we’re right down the street as well, from the harbor district.

So where I showed you earlier, where we were, you know, enjoying the nice view on the water and all the shops and restaurants and everything right there. That is literally just a mile down down the street, if that and so you’ve got access to that very quickly, if you want to jump down there and grab a bite to eat or get a drink or something like that as well. There’s another one, all these, these are just finished, you know, these, these two are still pending, but but they’re going to be sold here pretty soon. And you can see even behind me, this one is is currently under construction. And of course, they’ve got all of this middle section that still needs to be developed as well. These are really, really well done. But still, for $670,000, just over 3000 square feet, these homes are built very, very well. I’m very impressed with these, I like them a lot, this will be a great area, if you’re moving, we might be able to catch one of these homes, just getting finished up or we could start working on building your new one. But I tell you what, that’s a great price range for what you’re getting offered here. And it looks like they’ve got some field area back there. I don’t know if that’s accessible or not. But just kind of some things to keep an eye on when you’re looking around the area, some great new construction opportunities in you know in Rockwall still that you can take advantage of and what they’re doing now they’re getting a lot more creative. Instead of just putting up the cookie cutter homes. Even that that last section we were at, I thought was was really well done for 2015.

Normally 2015 was like a time of have straight cookie cutter homes. But those those houses look nice, a little bit different on each one. And you know that’s that’s always nice to have not your house not look like everybody else’s. But again, this one right here. Yeah, that one right there. 670,003 bedroom, or no four bedroom, four bath, and just over 3000 square feet and everything inside is beautiful. So with that being said, let’s go check out the next price point.


All right, so I’m cheating a little bit because I just crossed over the city limit just a little bit. We’re actually in Heath now. But I saw this listing and I had to show it to you because it’s pretty awesome. But still, you know Heath borders rock wall. And it’s still you’ve got you know, quick access to the lake. This isn’t that far from the harbor village but I wanted to show you what you can get. Look at this house here. This house is a five bedroom, five bath 5100 square feet. And it’s only priced at $850,000. So that puts your price per square foot right around $164 a square foot that’s absolutely amazing. Look at look at your neighbor’s Not too shabby. Now you see there. There’s the key. There’s a little bit You can see the Lake View right there, which means from this front balcony, where is it right there, see that front balcony right there, you can see the lake through there through these homes right back in there. But I’m gonna walk down here just a little way so you can get an idea. And look, I took my jacket off, just to prove to you how beautiful it is here in Texas, in January, this is why we survive the long hot summers of Texas is because whenever the rest of the year comes the other nine months is really, really beautiful. And it’s about 65, it’s probably 70 degrees now. So that’s why I was able to take my jacket off.

But actually, I’m just gonna walk up here a little bit. But you can see, excuse me, you can see the lake right behind me now, this lot doesn’t have anything listed on it. So I don’t know if it’s exactly for sale. But this lot right back here has the for sale signs. So this could be a lot, if you’re interested. And this lot is for sale and look at your what’s your backyard would open up, you build a two story home on that. And you’re going to be overlooking the lake. Absolutely amazing. And guess what, you’re going to get those sunsets, you’re going to get some of the best sunsets in all of Dallas. Because as you can see, the sun’s gonna set right over there on the end of the lake. So, but again, this, this house behind me for 850,000 you see they’ve got the main balcony up there. And that’s got a pretty clear shot through these houses to see the lake. So you know, you just kind of skim the rooftops just a little bit and still be able to see the lake and be able to catch that that sunset. So that home right there is an amazing option. They’ve got a pretty good sized backyard. And I saw on the other side, they’ve got three car garage drive down area, really, really nice. But still 5100 square feet, five bedroom, five bath $850,000. I mean, you can’t beat that at all. And again, you build on this lot right here. And you could have the whole back of your house, overlooking the leg, even on the the first floor, your first floor would probably have a pretty good view, we can actually, we could actually just walk over there and take a look. Alright, so now we’re on the ground level of this lot. So even if you built here on the first floor, you should still have a partial leg view. And you’re going to have an amazing sunset,

right there. I mean, can you imagine sitting on your back porch each evening, every single evening, you’re going to catch that sunset, it’s going to be absolutely amazing. So again, look at your neighbors, you can get all of this Lake View down the street from the harbor district for around $850,000 absolutely amazing. So now let’s go check out you know, there’s a historic part of Rockwall as well. And I’ll tell you a little bit of the history and where it got its name. So let’s go check it out. And if you’d like new construction, I mean, this is gonna run you a couple million right here the largest sold for $850,000 itself, but I’ll tell you why. And that’s why so just to kind of give you an idea there is still some like front lots left. You know just depending where you’re at and look even got the the marina right over there so you can park your boat. But you can see here, this is an amazing new construction home. Gonna have a pool right up there, you can kind of probably see a little bit of the neighbors they’ve got the pool right there too. But still, again, you are going to get the absolute best sunsets in all of Dallas right off of Lake Ray Hubbard here in Rockwall. And so I just wanted to stop in and show you that real quick. So let’s get back to business.


All right, and no city tour is complete here in Dallas, of course without checking out the historic downtown. There’s one but there usually is so this is the historic downtown of rock wall and just wanting to kind of show you you can see you’ve got a lot of shops, restaurants and bars. I mean pretty much all the way around. We’re in the square right now. So as I circle around, you’ve got the courthouse right there. But everywhere else around this area, cool little restaurants, bars, coffee shops, everything that you need. Again, me I’m a big fan of the historical districts and the history, the art Architecture, the character, everything that coincides with, with the old stuff, that’s what I like. And then whenever it’s renovated, you know, and done well and preserved, and it maintains its character. That’s what I love most about that they’ve done that with quite the buildings down here, in, you know, old downtown rock wall. And I think earlier, I think I said 1803 1873 1873 was whenever Rockwall was was founded. So I just need to correct myself there. I’m sure somebody will in the comments as well. But no problem. Hey, but if, if you’ve lived in Rockwall before, then please comment below, you know, let us know what your favorite parts are of rock wall and what you like the most about it. And if there’s anything else we can recommend to other people that are moving here, that would be a great assistance to them. So it looks like there’s quite a few people waiting out of this. So nada, De nada, so Xanadu must be very popular, you probably want to check that out while you’re here in the downtown area. And I’m going to stop in and probably grab a coffee, if I can find one maybe a bite to eat, we can do a little recap. And then also, but oh, I am going to show you the sunset, because that’s what you got to stick around for. And I think that would probably be a good place to recap. So let’s, let’s recap, I’m going to tell you a little bit about the real estate market in general give you some more updates some of the stats from some the current market report. That way you get a better idea of the overall sense of real estate here in Rockwall. And at the same time you get to see the beautiful sunsets that happen here in the city. And that’s reason enough to want to move here. So with that being said, let’s let’s do a recap.


All right, so just wanted to do a quick recap for you on rock wall everything that you saw. Hopefully you found that helpful. If you did, please comment below let us know that you like what you see so far. And if your firm rock wall again, please comment and let us know if you got any additional tips. But we mentioned this earlier Rockwall was founded in 1873. And is actually founded because whenever they there was a couple of farmers digging a well and they found a rock wall underground that extended the entire length of the county, there’s a little bit of it still on display. It’s wide controversy whether that was natural or if aliens built it or Indians or Mayans or something like that. They really haven’t figured that out quite yet. Scientists say it’s natural, but there’s all sorts of speculation around it. So all the public schools here are a rated and the median home values around 245,000. The median rents around 13 174% of the residents here own their own home. And the median income here is $92,000. So this is a pretty well to do area. But at the same time I showed you homes earlier, you know, around the $400,000 range, $450,000. They go down to even $250,000. As you saw that, as I just mentioned, the median home value is around $245,000. So even though that median incomes up there, we can still find something in a reasonable price range. And of course, we’re looking at Lake Ray Hubbard right behind me 35 square miles. These are the absolute best sunsets in all of Dallas.

And what I really love about Rockwall is it’s a little hilly over here you know most of Dallas is flat, you can see in the background, pretty flat, you can probably see the sky, the Dallas skyline right around there somewhere. But rock walls kinda hilly. As you can see, we’re kind of up right now when you drive through some of the neighborhoods and things like that. Then it’s it’s some ups and downs, which I think adds a little variety and makes the drive a little bit more interesting. Rockwall is also one of the smallest counties in Texas. And but it does have 268 high schools which are top ranked for high school football. So if you’re looking to make a move for football, and you’ve got a young athlete, this is a great. This is a great city for football players. And I showed you earlier the crystal Lagoon, that development that’s right there if you can kind of see that plot that’s sticking out right there. That’s the crystal lagoon. That’s where it’s going to be developed. That’s going to be absolutely amazing. average home price here the median home price is $245,000. But the average home price sell right now is around 445,000. So just keep that in mind. But there has been 40 price reductions in the last 30 days. So that means there’s still some deals to be had. And again, the average price per square foot we talked a little bit about this in the neighborhoods is around 165 dollars per square foot. So very, very affordable. And the most expensive home listed in Rockwall right now is at $4.2 million. So if you want to stretch your dollar a little bit further and want to find a bigger home $4.2 million, we’ll get it for you. But you saw I showed you, one not only one home, but a couple of opportunities with lake or Lake View lots for 800,000 150,000. That’s amazing. And again, new construction here is still prevalent. This is a great area for new construction if you want to build from the ground up, and this is going to be a perfect scenario. And if you love Lake life and you want to be just a little bit outside of Dallas, then Rockwall is the city for you. And if you have any questions, please feel free to reach out, give us a call, shoot us a text or send us an email. We’ll be happy to help you make a smooth move.

Even if you’re looking at some apartments, no problem at all. We’d love to help you out. And with that being said, you know we hope to see you around town and we’ll talk to you soon.

If you’re considering moving to Dallas Texas, or anywhere else in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, be sure to give us a call, shoot us a text, send us an email, or schedule a Zoom call. We’d love to help you make a smooth move to Dallas Texas!

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