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What is Dallas Known For? 9 Fun Facts About What Makes Dallas, Dallas!

So you’re thinking about moving to Dallas, but you’re not even really sure what is Dallas actually even known for? Well, we’re gonna talk about that in this video. So stick around, especially till the end, because the last one is most important, and we’re gonna get after it right now!

What is Dallas Known For?


So as I mentioned, in this video, we’re just talking about what is Dallas, even known for what is it really known for? So that’s what we’re kind of covering today. And that would start off with number one. Now whatever you do, do not click away after this Do not leave this video because the first one is going to be the most controversial, I’m sure which is the Dallas Cowboys, right? I mean America’s team, of course, absolutely. Now, hold up. I know if you’re a football fan, that you’re probably going to want to jump off or you’re maybe shouting at the video right now. But if you want go ahead and comment below and let me know what your favorite team is, or where you’re coming from or where you’re thinking about moving from. But yeah, I mean, I think that Dallas Cowboys are synonymous with Dallas itself and America’s team, especially, you know, in the 70s, the 80s The 90s were the golden years, of course.

I mean, the last 20 years, I will admit have been brutal for the Cowboys fans, including myself and I am a Cowboys fan. Yes, growing up in Texas, and I do love the Cowboys. But of course, you know, the Roger Staubach days, the Troy Aikman and the Smith days, Michael. I mean, it was just a great time for football. And it’s still a lot of fun, you know, but here’s the thing, if you are a football fan coming from another city, you know, one thing that I do like about Dallas is we are very welcoming here. Now it’s not you know, hey, if you’re not a Cowboys fan, you can’t be here. We don’t like you. We welcome all fans. When you go to a sports bar here in Dallas, you will see it’s probably going to be about 50% cowboys fans. And then you’re going to see a bills fan and a Giants fan and a Patriots fan, because Dallas is such a hub where everybody moves to. And we just welcome all football teams here. There’s even bars that are designated for certain teams if you don’t want to talk to anybody else, kind of like the New Orleans Saints. You know, I used to live in New Orleans. And the thing is, is they do not like outside football teams there. You go to a bar in New Orleans and it is 100% Saints fans. And if you walk in wearing your cowboys here, or your Tampa Bay gear or whoever their rival, the Vikings it you’re not welcome. I tell you that you’re not welcome. New Orleans is very welcoming, but they will not welcome you if you’re wearing another football team. So but in Dallas, we do welcome other teams, so feel free. If you’re moving here, and you love your sports, we welcome all teams, and you are welcome to come out and hang out in the bars. No problem at all.


Number two, what Dallas is well known for. If you’re a little bit younger, you won’t probably know this. But in the 80s there was a popular TV show called Dallas. And it was one of the most popular I believe, the most popular TV show on during the 80s. It was just synonymous for the Dallas lifestyle, the big hair, the big cowboy hats. And it was it was a great show, of course, you know, the whole controversy, who shot Jr, that whole thing comes from the Dallas TV show. So it really put, you know, Dallas on the map in the 80s made it kind of very glamorous popularized it. So that was another big aspect. As far as if you’re in our age range. If you’re a generation X or are in your 40s, then you remember growing up in the 80s. And you remember shows like Dallas, especially if your parents were big fans of that. So that’s just something that is always, you know, related to Dallas


Number three, I would say what Dallas is known for is southern charm. Yes, everyone is mostly nice here. I mean, it’s a little harder since COVID you can’t really see anybody’s face and and or smile anymore. But you know, really is it is one of those things where if you’re at the grocery store, if you’re impatient or or you don’t like people that chitchat or small talk, you’re gonna have a difficult time in the grocery store because the first person in front of you or the person behind you will likely strike up a conversation with you and then that person in front of you that’s paying they could also likely pay with a check. So just keep that in mind too. There are people here in Texas that still use checks and then they’ll have a conversation with the cashier because They relate something to them. I will say it’s died off a little bit since COVID. Unfortunately, but still, southern charm is a reality here in Dallas and people will talk to you, they’ll talk to you everywhere you know. So just be mindful of that. Embrace it, you know, and get to know them. It’s always nice to meet someone new right? So just go with the flow right?


Number Four I would say Dallas is known for is the skyline and probably most likely the ball you think about when you see the skyline of the Dallas downtown, you know, you were you see the the ball, it looks like a raised ball up there on the in the buildings. That is called reunion towers, that is a restaurant up there. It is a rotating restaurant. So it moves very slowly. But you can go you can take an elevator all the way up there to that ball. And the whole perimeter is glass and you can sit up there. And if you sit, you know at the table, the restaurant rotates very slowly.

But by the time you finish dinner, you could complete a rotation or two so you get a full view of all of Dallas. So if you go up there close to the sunset, you’re going to see an amazing sunset. And you’re going to see the whole Dallas skyline you’re going to see South Dallas, North Dallas, West Dallas East I mean, you’ll see it all right, you just make a big circle. So it’s an amazing spot to go to to have a nice evening dinner. But also plan ahead, get some reservations plan. Make sure you understand when the sun’s going to set. And if you time that right in the middle of your dinner, it’s going to be absolutely amazing. So that’s definitely something you want to check out.


Number five, the Texas State Fair? Yes. You’ve all seen Big Tex right? He’s the big cowboy waving. He’s 15 stories tall, you know, and that’s the state fair come is in Dallas, you know, at least during the month of October, this last year it was canceled because of COVID but hopefully, it’ll be back this year. That’s a big draw. Everybody loves the state fair. I mean, you can get anything deep-fried there if you want deep-fried Twinkies, deep-fried corndogs deep-fried turkey legs, deep-fried Snickers, deep-fried peanut butter sandwiches, they got it all there. It’s amazing. If you’re coming on a diet don’t go to the State Fair. There’s absolutely nothing there healthy to eat whatsoever. So be sure to keep that in mind. And you know, just go and have a good time. There’s some really great rides, of course, the famous Ferris wheel is there on top of that, so just something to enjoy that also if you take the big Ferris wheel you take that you know to do that in the evening towards the sunset as well. And the sun will be setting over the Dallas skyline so something that you’ll be able to really enjoy from there. Especially if you get stuck you know how they always you know, people always get stuck on those things. Now I’m just kidding. I’m just kidding. Now, they haven’t had any problems with that at all. So don’t worry about that. But yeah, if you timed that accordingly as well you can get up there at the peak of the sunset. It’s just absolutely beautiful and amazing view as well. You get to see all of downtown and it’s right there next to the Cotton Bowl where they always host the Texas Longhorns and Oklahoma Sooners Red River shootout, so that’s also a great, you know, venue to check out football games always a lot of fun. So that’s another thing that that Dallas is known for is the Texas State Fair.


Number six on the list that Dallas is known for is the barbecue. You come here if you don’t try the barbecue you are missing out and if you’re vegetarian or vegan, then still come to the barbecue and try some of the sides you will have some of the best-baked potatoes, french fries, beans, macaroni and cheese so even if you’re vegetarian or vegan still come and try the barbecue sides and then whoever you’re with, let them enjoy the barbecue. If you want some beef ribs I tell you what one of my favorite favorites is Lockhart down in Bishop Arts District. On Wednesdays they do beef ribs you can get a pound or a pound and a half on a beef ribs. I mean this thing will cover up my whole face. I mean it is it’s just amazing. You can go to pecan lodge down in Deep Ellum they have an amazing brisket sweet potato.

It’s basically it’s a giant sweep of data with brisket you can put in there and all the fixings – it’s amazing so but you will be in a line at pecan lodge in Deep Ellum so you better get there early. If there’s somewhere you want to eat. I think they opened the doors at 11. My advice is you go down there 10:30 or so and get a spot in line you’d rather wait 30 minutes before they open because you should be able to get in the first 5,6,7 people in line versus if you go to 11 it’ll probably be an hour to an hour and a half line because people will show up right at 11. Think about it. Most people are kind of working and they may not be able to get off until 11:00 to actually go to the restaurant. And you know, pecan lodge there. So go at 10:30 and should be able to secure a spot and you’ll be okay. You should be able to get right in at 11. Plus, they won’t sell out any meats that you want. I mean, that is a big factor, right? pecan log, it’s one of those bills where they make the meat and when they sell out, they sell out. They don’t have any more. So the earlier the better, but it’s absolutely amazing you definitely got to check it out. And it’s wonderful.


However, you also have to check out Tex Mex here in Dallas. Some of the best text masks anywhere. Tex Mex, Tex Tex Mex, Tex Mex. Yes. Say that five times fast. Right? But one of my favorites I mean that I could live off of that. Tex Mex, I mean, some refried beans and rice fajitas enchiladas. It is. It’s amazing. And it is because if you’ve ever been to Mexico, Mexico has their own, you know, their own culture their own, you know, take on that on the food. So your salsa, guacamole, all of that is different. It’s very different. That’s why it’s called Tex Mex. It is a fusion of Texas and Mexican food. But it’s amazing. You’re going to enjoy it, and really like it a lot.


And as I said, you stick around until the end. Last, but not least, what is Dallas known for? Well, everything’s bigger. And that is true. You’ve heard the saying everything’s bigger in Texas. That is absolutely true. So when you get food, it’s gonna be big portions. Dallas is big. I mean, there’s it just keeps growing out and out and out and out and out and out. Now that grows more and more every single day. And so, you know, driving the highways, you’ve got six, seven lanes, we’ve got highways, now underneath highways, they built highways underneath the highways, highways beside and underneath. I mean, it is crazy. They’re building parks over the highways. And it just keeps growing and expanding out. It’s it’s just crazy here, but the roads, the buildings, everything they’re doing is much bigger the food, the cars, the trucks, the SUVs. Yes, all of that. It was the hair back in the 80s. Of course, Dallas definitely had the biggest hair that’s died down a little bit. So But still, you know, a lot of fun. I mean, always something to do here in Dallas. It is massive.

But I hope you found some value in this video. And I hope this just gives you a little take on you know, what is Dallas really known for clearly there’s so much more there’s so much to explore. But check out some of our other videos. We take you around all different neighborhoods, show you tours on a map and show you some of the best neighborhoods really got to see for themselves. So whatever you do, go make sure you go check out some of our other videos. And again, if you’re thinking about moving to Dallas, you know, be sure to give us a call, shoot us a text or send us an email. We’d be happy to help you make that Smooth Move to Dallas. Also, please comment below where you live now or if you’ve visited Dallas before, what you liked, or maybe what you didn’t like about it. It’s okay. We like the feedback no matter which way it comes. So until next time, we hope to see you around town.

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