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A lot of people are moving to new states this year, and a big debate is whether to move to Florida or Texas. Which one is better? Today, let’s explore what you can get in the $700,000 range in Sarasota Florida, and then what you can get in Frisco Texas for that same amount. Trust me – you are going to be shocked at the difference!

Dallas Texas has become a major hot spot for out-of-state buyers because of the affordability, especially when you’re comparing prices to places like California, New York, Washington D.C., etc.

In general, even in the more expensive communities, like Frisco, you’re going to get a much bigger house with a lot more usable space, both indoor and outdoor. A lot of the amenities you really want and like are also within a short drive or walking distance from the homes in Frisco, whereas Florida doesn’t really have that typical structure with the master-planned communities like we do here in the Dallas area.

Frisco is one of the more popular areas with more expensive homes than a lot of other Dallas suburbs, and yet it’s a LOT let expensive per square foot than Sarasota Florida. Overall, Florida does offer the beach in many areas, but Dallas has lake life to make up for that, and you get a lot more house for your dollar.

A lot of people are choosing to move to Dallas Texas instead of Florida because of those reasons. We definitely think you’ll get more for what you pay for here in Texas. Let’s explore Florida vs Texas in today’s video!

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