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What Does 400K Get OUTSIDE of Dallas Texas (The Suburbs) | Dallas Texas Real Estate

What Does 400K Get OUTSIDE of Dallas Texas? We take a look at what you can get in the different suburbs for 400K. You know that Dallas Texas is pretty great, but you’re looking in the $400,000 range outside of the city, right? Well that’s perfect, because today, we’ll be exploring some of the major cities in North Dallas and seeing what you can get for $400,000 in this area. Let’s take a look!

First, we’ll be hopping over to Allen Texas, then Frisco Texas, Plano Texas, Mckinney Texas, and finally, Prosper Texas. All of these cities are in high demand right now, and yet they all offer some really beautiful, large homes that, in places like California, New York, Chicago, Washington State, Washington D.C., etc., would easily sell for over a million dollars.

You get a ton of bang for your buck here in Dallas Texas, so let me show you why it’s a great time to move here, especially if you’re looking to buy in the $400,000 range! If you are looking to make a move to Dallas Texas, or any of the surrounding cities or neighborhoods, be sure to give us a call, shoot us a text, send us an email, or schedule a Zoom call with us. Yes – we ACTUALLY answer our phone!

We’d love to help you make a smooth move to Dallas or one of the surrounding areas, and we can answer any questions you have, whether you have to move in 9 days or 90 days (or more).

We’re here for you and your family as you make your move here! Let’s explore North Dallas today!

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