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What can you get for $400,000 in Frisco Texas? Today, I’ll take you around Frisco Texas and show you what you can get in the $400,000 price range. I think you’ll be surprised what you can afford! Frisco Texas is one of the most prestigious, sought-after communities in all of Texas. Why is that? Well, there are tons of things to do, both indoor and outdoor, plenty of great shopping and dining around town, great proximity to some of the even bigger cities, and the houses are absolutely STUNNING.

Everyone is talking about Frisco and for good reasons! A big misconception about Frisco is that you have to have a million-dollar budget to live here. Not true! Today, I’ll take you around to several homes listed in the $400,000 range that are perfect if you’re looking to break into the Frisco area.

Frisco is a master-planned community, so you’ll see that many of the Frisco neighborhoods are well kept, even if the neighborhoods were established a little earlier than others. That also means that many of the properties you’ll find have an HOA fee though, so be prepared for that.

The ones we visit today have fairly reasonable HOA fees though, so don’t let that deter you! You’ll be sure to find a really nice home in the $400,000 range with some good space for you or even a growing family. Lastly, I will say that Frisco is definitely up there with the most popular cities that we get asked about, and with that popularity comes low inventory and lots of homes with multiple offers.

You definitely want to make sure you have a team that has the “in” with Frisco, which we do! We’ve helped tons of clients score an amazing home at or around the asking price in the Frisco area, so if you’re looking to move here, be sure to reach out to us – we’d love to help you make Frisco and navigate the Dallas Texas real estate market this year! Let’s explore Frisco Texas today!

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