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TOP PROS of Living in Dallas Texas | 2022 MOST UPDATED List for Dallas Texas

What are the TOP PROS of Living in Dallas Texas? Let’s talk about the best things about moving to Dallas Texas!

Dallas Texas is a great place to live for many reasons. The cost of living is affordable, there are plenty of job opportunities, and the city has a lot to offer in terms of entertainment and culture. Dallas is also a very diverse city, which means that there are many different types of people and cultures represented. This diversity makes Dallas an interesting and exciting place to live. Dallas Texas also has some of the best food, and some great entertainment options, both inside the main hub of Dallas and out in the Dallas Texas suburbs. Whether you’re looking for amazing food, fun things to do, or casual places to visit, Dallas Texas has it ALL.

Today, we’ll talk about more of the TOP PROS of living in Dallas Texas so that you can decide whether or not moving to Dallas Texas is a good decision for you and your family.

So if you’re in the situation where you are needing to make a move or you know that it’s time to make a move, or you’ve been waiting for the market to cool off, and now your wish has come true, but you’re still a little bit concerned, well, we’re going to talk about all the good things about Dallas, Texas, why we love it so much, and why we live here.Today we want to focus on the positives and share some reasons we are still here.


The food and culture in Dallas Texas is AMAZING! If you are a foodie, then you have a ton of diversity here. Whether it is Bistro 31 in Highland Park, whether it is Beto and Sun and West Dallas, Paradiso’s in Bishop Arts, The Roof, HG Supply in Greenville Avenue or if it’s going to be Roadie Grill off of McKinney Avenue or up in Frisco or Babes Chicken down in Cedar Hill. You have a wide variety, so many diverse cultures of of people that move here to the Dallas area. Truly, truly diverse.

You cannot get a bad meal hardly. We are not saying that you’ll never have a bad meal, but what we are saying though is that authentic food it really nails it down! When you think about Barbecue Pecan Lodge and Deep Elm, one of the best barbecue spots in Olive of Dallas, Lockhart down in Bishop Arts -the list goes on!

On top of that, you’ve got over a thousand restaurants in Plano alone, and so diverse from Indian to Asian to European. The whole map covered in Dallas, is a foodie scene!

The Highway System

Although it’s not exciting at all ,whatsoever, the highway system here is a major pro! There is a lot of construction still happening in Dallas and it is expanding and growing in various ways. The highway system already has a number of loops and they are building more and more of the highways because Dallas is not landlocked nor is it water locked which means there’s room for growth! They can just keep growing the highways out and that’s allowing for less congestion and less traffic, although some people that live here would say that traffic is terrible, but in our opinion, it’s not compared to a lot of other places, especially New York and LA.

Plenty fun things to do!

There’s lots of fun things to do here in the Dallas area. We have over 400 parks. We have over 60 miles of trails. If you want to hike and bike and jog and vlog like we do, On top of that, you’ve got five lakes just within 10 to 15 minutes of Dallas. So if you’re a water sports type of person, you like to boat, you like to ski, you like to swim, you like water boarding, you like to surf that is all the rage right now. People absolutely love that!

So that’s what we love about our lake life!

All the trails around the lakes are absolutely amazing whenever it comes to hiking and biking, mountain biking, running, trail running if you want to do that. And our favorite, White Rock Lake! Whenever you get to White Rock Lake, there’s a paved trail all the way around White Rock Lake, which is over nine miles, the whole perimeter. Great for a little Saturday morning ride. And then you’ve got off-roading you can do around White Rock Lake as well.

So the recreation here is great, especially outdoors, There’s always somewhere to go; Old East Dallas in the M Streets, in Victory Place in White Rock Lake area. You’ve got Casa Linda, you’ve got Lake Highlands, you’ve got Mockingbird, Old East, Dallas, Lakewood.

Dallas has the best housing market!

As we move more into the economy of Dallas; Wallet Hub just came out with a study where they reviewed different measures to determine the best housing markets and places to buy a home in the United States right now. They surveyed over 30 cities.

The top three are in North Dallas. Number one is Frisco. Number two is Allen and number three is McKinney.

Out of the top 30 places in the US, a total of 9 cities are right here in Dallas. So almost a third of the top cities to live and buy a house in right now, according to Wallet Hub is here in the Dallas area. That’s absolutely amazing. They took some very extensive measures to look at that. They looked at affordability and economic environment, home value forecast, they looked at share of underwater mortgages and the foreclosure rates. So they’re not just looking at the good, they’re looking at the bad.

That’s what you want if you’re going to be moving, a solid housing market. Especially whenever things seem to be a little bit uncertain at these times. Well, you want some surety, and Dallas is probably one of the most stable markets.

Great Opportunities for Businesses

Tax friendly, freedom friendly, business friendly. Forbes actually just came out with a recent article stating that Dallas is in the top 10 for business friendly cities. So think about that. We love our small business owners here. Even whenever everything was closing down, we were there for maybe 30, 60 days and had to open back up. We are a freedom friendly state. Why are they doing that here? Because it’s a better economic environment and there’s room to grow. There’s so much opportunity here and the proximity, the location. Think about it, if you’re a frequent traveler as well, you’ve got the Dallas Fort Worth International Airport and Dallas Love Field which means you’re in a central zone.

Dallas is the number three job market in the country, the fastest growing city in the country, and the third highest salary at an average of $68,000 here in the Dallas area.

That’s pretty big, right? Average salary, $68,000. That’s number three in the country. And if you go to Collin County where there’s Frisco and Plano and Allen and McKinney and all of that.

Moral of the story? Moving to Dallas is a BRILLIANT idea!

So overall, there’s so many good things that are happening in Dallas, and we could probably go on for days and days and days, but we just wanted to give you the high level overview of what’s happening here.

And again, whether you’re moving in nine days or 90 days, feel free to give us a call, shoot us a text, or send us an email aor even schedule a Zoom call our absolute favorite. Until next time!

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