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Top 8 Plano Texas Neighborhoods | Living in Plano Texas

There are so many great places to live in Plano, Texas, but the big question is which one is BEST for you? With a variety of price ranges and home styles to choose from, plus a TON of things to do in the surrounding areas, you’ll definitely want to check out this whole video to see which is right for you! Some of the neighborhoods we cover are Timber Brook, Lakeside on Preston, Pittman Creek Estates, Timber Brook, Estates of Forest Creek, Forest Creek Estates, Glenn Hollow Estates, and Kings Ridge. Each one of these neighborhoods offers something unique, and they range in price.

I take you through all of them on Google Maps, and then I take you for a little drive through town so you can get a look and feel for what each neighborhood looks and feels like. No matter where you choose to live in Plano, you’re going to be close to so many amenities and things to do in all directions!

There is so much to do, great restaurants to enjoy, amazing schools with high ratings across the board, and plenty of incredible homes and neighborhoods to enjoy, for all ages. Whether you’re looking for a family neighborhood, a retirement community, or an area for singles, there is literally something for everyone here in Plano, Texas.

So stick around through this video so you can check out the neighborhoods and drive around town with us! You’re sure to find the perfect neighborhood right here in Plano.

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