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So you’re thinking about moving to Forney, Texas? Well, in this video, we’re going to be discussing the top six neighborhoods in Forney, Texas, and we’re going to do a couple of things for you. First, we’re going to jump into the Google Map and show you where that neighborhood is located inside of Forney and what it’s close by, then you’re going to jump in the car with us and go for a ride. We took extensive footage of each of these neighborhoods so you can see it up close and personal. And we’re going to get after it right now.

So as we mentioned, we’re covering the top six neighborhoods inside of Forney, and spoiler alert, they are all pretty close together. Forney is not that big of an area. It’s only about 27,000 in the population.

We’ve mentioned this in several other videos, we actually have a full a vlog tour on Forney, Texas, and we’ve got a full map tour on Forney, Texas as well. We cover this extensively and so that it’s a growing suburb out just southeast of downtown Dallas only 20 minutes away, so very convenient.

But we wanted to kind of get a little bit more in-depth of the top six neighborhoods because we’re getting a lot of interest in Forney itself, we’re getting a lot of calls and emails about it. And people kind of want to be in a growing area that’s still a little country, which is a great thing about it because there’s not much around it. So that’s the cool thing about Forney is, it’s kind of got that country feel a little bit, but it’s also fast, fast developing, but then also you’re only 20 minutes from downtown Dallas. So you have the convenience of the city nearby as well.

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