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The BEST McKinney Texas Pros and Cons 2023

McKinney, Texas – the city of unique charm and small-town lifestyle – has been drawing in residents from all over the United States for many years. Whether you’re a first-time homebuyer, or you’re looking for a change of scenery, McKinney, Texas is worth considering.

Located just north of Dallas, McKinney is a vibrant city with plenty to do and see. It’s about 37 miles from the Dallas Fort Worth International Airport, making it a great place to live if you fly frequently. With its booming economy and variety of housing options, McKinney has a lot to offer potential residents.

But is this city of 211,000 the right place for you or your family? We recently looked at the pros and cons of McKinney, Texas over on our YouTube channel – and if you want to see what this city can offer, read on!

Pros of McKinney, Texas

Pro: McKinney Offers Affordable Housing

Are you concerned about being priced out of the housing market? McKinney offers a variety of affordable homes, from starter homes to luxury properties. The lowest recently-sold home in McKinney came in at around $150,000 – so you can find great deals if you’re willing to look.

The lower the price, the more work you can expect to need to put into the home. But if you’re willing to invest some sweat equity, McKinney can be an excellent place to buy a home on a budget. On average, homes range around $350,000 – and you can find older homes as well as newer construction homes to choose from.

Best of all, homes are maintaining their values and are going to continue to appreciate over the years. So if you’re looking for a home in which to invest, McKinney could be a great option.

Pro: McKinney Is A Lucrative Rental Property Location

Are you considering investing in real estate? If so, McKinney could be a great place to invest. The city has around a 35% rental rate, and on average you’ll be averaging $1.21 per square foot for rent.

Rentals are currently going at a 100%+ rental rate – so you can expect an excellent return on your investment. As families continue to face interest rate hikes, McKinney could become an even more popular place to rent – so if you’re interested in investing in real estate, this city should be on your radar.

Pro: McKinney Is A Fantastic Community

There’s a reason that so many people move to McKinney – and stay! The city has a great sense of community and friendly neighbors. From parks to farmers markets, there’s plenty to do in this beautiful city – plus, you can enjoy easy access to Dallas.

The city has a deep sense of historical community – and you’ll feel it in the historic downtown area that’s full of charming shops and restaurants. We’re talking over 120 local businesses that are perfect for supporting local businesses and getting to know your neighbors. Plus, the homes in the downtown area maintain their charm and add to the city’s sense of history.

The educational system in McKinney is incredibly successful. McKinney ISD serves the city and smaller surrounding communities. The district has over 24,500 students across 31 buildings, each with friendly staff and teachers. In fact, McKinney ISD has been ranked one of the best places to work for many years.

Pro: McKinney Is Known for Outdoor Fun

The city also offers a great parks system and recreation opportunities for kids and adults alike. There’s plenty to do in McKinney that won’t cost you an arm and a leg – from free outdoor concerts to festivals, there’s something for everyone.

Nearby lakes, such as Lake Lavon, offer tons of recreational activities, including boating, fishing, swimming, and camping. There are also plenty of trails for bike riding or walking. 

If you’re looking to explore further afield, McKinney is close enough to Dallas that you can escape the city and still be home in time for dinner. And Oak Point Park and Nature Preserve, located just on the outskirts of town, is perfect for outdoor adventures.

Cons of McKinney, Texas

Con: Public Transportation Is Lacking

The DART rail system doesn’t make it to McKinney, so if you’re not keen on having a car, you may be out of luck. If you want to get around McKinney, you’ll need to rely on your own car or the public bus system.

As Dallas expands, so too do the highways – so you may find yourself in traffic more often than not. Toll roads continue popping up, so you may find yourself paying to get around.

Con: The Property Tax Rate Is High

Due to the lack of an income tax in Texas, the property tax rate is relatively high. The current rate for Collin County, where McKinney is located, is around 2.35-2.6%, depending on which ISD your property location feeds into.

Fortunately, there are some ways you can lower your tax burden – such as the Homestead Exemption. This allows you to deduct up to a large percentage of the value of your property from the taxable value – lowering your tax bill in the process.

Con: The Traffic Is Real

Like many other cities around Dallas, McKinney has experienced a population boom, which means the highways can get pretty crowded. The average commute time is around 30 minutes – and that could easily double during rush hour.

If you are staying in or around McKinney, you can avoid much of the highway traffic going into Dallas or the airport. And if you want to stay nearby, Frisco and Allen are great options that offer easy access to Dallas but don’t have the same traffic problems.

Call McKinney Home with Living In Dallas

Overall, McKinney is a fantastic city with plenty of opportunities for investment. With solid infrastructure and a thriving business community, there’s no shortage of reasons to invest in real estate in McKinney. There may be some cons – like the lack of public transportation and high property taxes – but the pros far outweigh them.

At Living In Dallas, we work with buyers to find their perfect home in the McKinney, Texas, area. Whether you want to move in 9 days or 90 days, we make it easy to find and purchase a property in one of the most popular cities in the Dallas metroplex. Contact us today to learn more about moving to McKinney and how we can help you settle in quickly!

Give us a call or text at 214-441-6684, shoot us an email, or schedule a Zoom call today!

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