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What are the pros and cons of living in Plano Texas in 2022? If you’re moving to Plano Texas, you definitely want to know!

There are a lot of things to love about living in Plano Texas! It’s one of the most talked about Dallas Texas suburbs with it’s easy access to everything, lots of great food and shopping, and tons of things to do. It’s a great place for people in all life stages, and Plano Texas has some great homes. That being said, there are some thing to keep in mind when you move to Plano Texas, and not everything is perfect. There are some issues with dated homes in Plano Texas, and there are a few other things that might make you look to other Dallas Texas suburbs first.

That being said, Plano Texas has proven time and time again that it is an AWESOME place to live, and overall, you will love living in Plano Texas!


Centrally Located in Plano Texas

The first pro is definitely how easily accessible Plano is. It is centrally located -being directly south of Frisco, one of the most sought after suburbs in the south of Texas too! Commuting to Dallas is easier from Plano though!

Convenient Tollway in Plano Texas

The traffic on the tollway in Plano Texas is much less than other suburbs and a lot more convenient.

Restaurants in Plano TX

If you are a foodie then Plano will be your heaven on earth! There are diverse restaurants with diverse a selection of meals. Legacy Hall, for example has over 50 restaurants all at one location!

Shopping in Plano Texas

Plano Texas is also well known for its shopping! The Willow Bend area has some of the best high end shopping areas and the shopping mall is surrounded by some of the best neighborhoods in the whole of Plano. You can also find the most gorgeous country clubs and golf courses there! Plano is definitely what we would describe as the ‘old money’ in the Dallas area!

Well Established Neighborhoods in Plano Texas

Plano is pretty well built out! Though that was done in the 70s, 80s and 90s a lot of people then choose to do all the updating themselves. It’s got very well established communities -huge trees and buildings.

School System in Plano Texas

According to, and a lot of the other rating websites; Plano has some of the best top rated schools; not just in Dallas but in the state of Texas! The schools are established, have amazing academics, diverse with great sport and extracurricular activities!

Entertainment in Plano Texas

The parks, entertainment and fun things to do in Plano Texas are a long list! One of the best areas is the Oak Point Park which is well over 850 acres where you can hike, bike, run, ziplining have picnics and all kinds of outdoor activities. There are also other parks you can go to in Plano. The entertainment at Legacy West is amazing with everything you could think of in terms of entertainment.


Tollway as Main Highway in Plano Texas

The tollway is unfortunately the main highway you use to travel either to Frisco or to downtown Dallas. This could add up and be an additional monthly expense for you if you are going to be commuting to downtown Dallas on a regular basis. Keep this in mind if you ever want to move to Plano!

Dated Real Estate in Plano TX

Plano TX being the ‘old money’ region in Dallas leads to a con as most people typically don’t like the dated Real Estate. There’s not a lot of new construction happening in Plano. If you do find some new construction it’s likely going to be custom new construction. Despite the homes not always being updated, they are absolutely beautiful!

When all is said and done, the pros definitely outweigh the cons and if you have been considering moving to Plano Texas, we highly recommend it!

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