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Did you know that there is a way to completely cover your mortgage payments in just 60 days? You may even have the space available RIGHT NOW to create rental potential… I’ll show you exactly how I’ve been able to buy a home of my own AND create rental property, all on one lot! When I bought this home, I knew I wanted to create an AirBnb.

When I saw the unused shed in my backyard, I knew this was a potential for me! So right when I moved it, I converted this shed into a premium AirBnB property that, in just 60 days, started covering my mortgage bill 100%. Anyone can do it, even someone who has never invested in real estate!

Today, I’ll give you a grand tour of my personal home, and then I’ll show you my AirBnB space, a room that is booked almost completely throughout the entire month. If you want more tips on AirBnB rentals, be sure to comment below and ask away!

And if you’re looking to move to Dallas Texas, or any one of the Dallas Texas suburbs, be sure to reach out via call, text, email, or Zoom call. The Living in Dallas Texas team is here to help you make a smooth move to Dallas Texas!

We can help you get to know the area better and make a good choice of Dallas Texas neighborhoods and the best spot for you to plant your roots. Let’s explore MY HOUSE, and let’s take a look at my AirBnB today!

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