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So you’re thinking about moving to Preston hollow? Well, it is the third most prestigious neighborhood in all of Dallas. And it is home to former President George W. Bush and billionaires row. And you may be wondering, well, how can that be, and it’s still the third and only the third prestigious neighborhood in all of Dallas. Well, I’ll get to that here in a minute. So you’ll definitely want to stick around for that. But in this video, I’m going to take you around Preston hollow, show you some of the area and also take you some to some different homes in different price points.

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So Preston Hollow is the third most prestigious neighborhood – very high price points here. The reason why prices tend to be a bit higher here is because a lot of the homes comes with a little more land than typically seen in the Dallas area, and many of the homes are gated. This is a popular spot for people like George W. Bush, Ross Perot, and Mark Cuban – it’s a great area! Billionaire’s row is located here in Preston Hollow, so it’s really no wonder so many people aspire to end up here. 

You’re also just down the street from great food and shopping here in Preston Hollow. Northpark Mall is here, which is the high-end shopping area in this community. In addition to that, you’re also in your own school system here, so if you’re looking for amazing schools that are separate from Dallas ISD, this is a great spot with amazing schools.

House #1

Our first property is a 5 bed, 5.5 bath home with over 5,000 square feet. It’s set at $300/square foot, which is great for this area. That puts the total price at $1.5 million, which is pretty much the lowest you’ll find in this area. Not only is the price good, but it also has a good-sized backyard and a pool, which is amazing to find at this price point! You’ll see that some of the homes in this neighborhood are a bit older, but they are mostly renovated, so anything you find, even in the lower price points, is going to be immaculate.

This home is also pretty close to lots of restaurants and bars, so the location is truly prime. You’ll have plenty of access to what you need at this home, so if this is your style, this is definitely a neighborhood to check out.

House #2 –

This next home is amazing – 8000 square feet, 6 beds, 9.5 baths, and the price per square foot is just $450, putting her at $3.6 million. Amazing, especially if you’re coming from somewhere like California or New York – this home is an incredible deal for the size. This is a traditional Mediterranean.

There’s a nice tile rood up there, and I love that type of style. There are also really large black windows, amazing stonework, and located in a really well-kept, diversified community in terms of the home styles. This community is also well developed with mature trees, so if you are looking for something that looks more established here in Preston Hollow, this is a great home and neighborhood for you.

House #3 –

If you really want an example of a stately Preston Hollow home, this is the prime model! It’s 13,000 square feet, 5 beds, 8 baths, and the price per square foot is about $450. That puts this home at $5.9 million. Awesome! I can tell you right now – you can’t get that kind of space in New York or California in most places at that price point.

This home has a fountain area in the front, and other than maybe needing some trees, this landscaping is amazing. It’s another modern transitional, which is super popular in this area right now. The custom stonework is awesome here, so you’re really getting a unique home if you buy this one.

Market Recap

So let’s talk about what’s going on in the market right now. There’s currently about 50 homes on the market, which isn’t bad for this area. The most expensive home on the market here in Preston Hollow is $34 million, which comes with 4.5 acres. That’s pretty good size for this area, so not bad. It’s also a large home with over 20,000 square feet, so it’s worth that $24 million in the end.

Like I said before, Preston Hollow is known for its stately manors, and there are a lot of different home styles to choose from here. The average price per square feet is around $500 here. The competition in this price range is a little lower than you’ll find on your average home in Dallas, so if you decide to buy a home here, you’re probably not going to have to deal with a bidding war.

There has been a slight increase in inventory in the last 30 days, so that’s good news for buyers. That will also help level out the prices a bit as we move into Summer.

Again, Preston Hollow is just a beautiful place to call home. If you love a gated home, mature landscaping, great shopping and dining, and amazing schools everywhere you look, and if you have the budget to live here, Preston Hollow in an amazing community, and definitely worth checking out!

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