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Living in Uptown Dallas – ALL of UPTOWN DALLAS EXPLAINED

Today, I’m going to walk you through a Map tour of Uptown Dallas! I’ll show you everything you need to know about the area, including things to do, places to eat, and the best neighborhoods to live in.

So if you’ve seen any of our other videos, you’ll know that Uptown is one of the top neighborhoods in Dallas, but especially for young professionals. Uptown is close to everything, so it is a major hot spot for people who want the city vibe.


As far as things to do, let’s start with White Rock Lake and the Santa Fe Trail. As you know, us Texans love our lake living, and White Rock Lake is a great spot for all of your favorite activities, like biking, hiking, swimming, cliff jumping – you name it. The Santa Fe trail actually starts in Deep Ellum, and it goes all the way up to White Rock Lake. So if you wanted to take a bike ride one day, the Santa Fe trail is a great path for you to take! It takes a few hours to do the entire trail – I actually bike that trail often on Saturdays and Sundays. It’s a good ride, and you can catch some brunch while you’re up there.

Another great spot is Klyde Warren Park. This is an amazing park that was actually built right over the freeway! It really is an architectural phenomenon – it’s spectacular, really. The park is about 2-3 acres long, and it’s a great place to take your dog, walk around and relax, or grab a coffee. This is a cool spot in Uptown that you’ve got to check out.

Let’s talk about McKinney Avenue. McKinney is pretty much the central hub of Uptown. If you’re looking for something to eat or want to get out and enjoy the hustle and bustle of the city, McKinney Avenue is where it’s all happening, day and night. There’s amazing restaurants, bars, and shopping here, so there really is something for just about anyone.

Another cool thing about McKinney Avenue is the trolley that runs the full length of it. This is a great way to sight see and get a full view of the city. I’ve actually rented it out before for a birthday party, and we went all around Uptown and ate and had drinks right on the trolley! It made for a very memorable experience, and we got to see so much of the city while we were riding along.

Another important thing to note is the fact that you are really close to Love Field Airport, which is the hub for Southwest Airlines. If you travel a lot, this is going to be a huge plus for you, because you’re extremely close – about 10 minutes away. You’re also really close to the Dallas Forth Worth Airport, which is about 30 minutes out from Uptown. So wherever you need to fly out of, you’re close.

You’re also really close to the American Airlines Center, where the stars and Mavericks play. So if you’re a big football fan, the stadium is pretty much within walking distance from Uptown (or a really short drive). Definitely, something to keep in mind if you’re planning on moving to the area.


Back to the restaurants… The restaurants here in Uptown are awesome. There are so many things to choose from! A few of my favorites here are:

  • Breadwinners (their stuffed French Toast is KILLER. You have to try it!)
  • Hop Daddy (one of my favorite burger spots)
  • Southpaw Grill (organic health food – super good)
  • Del Frescoes
  • Blue Sushi
  • Harris House
  • Capital Grille
  • The Rustic
  • Gloria’s (a staple here in Dallas. Awesome Tex Mex food!)
  • Pecan Lodge (BBQ – so good that you have to get in line right when they open to get in!)
  • Terry Black’s Barbecue

Now, a note about the Rustic… I ordered a Peanut Butter Pie there, because it was a better value to buy the whole pie than it was to just get a slice. What I got was HUGE, and it was amazing. I tried to eat the whole thing over a week’s time, and I couldn’t do it… it was ENORMOUS. The food at the Rustic is really, really good, but that Peanut Butter Pie is on another level. You’ve got to try it out if you eat over there!

There are tons more restaurants I could talk about, but those are some of my top choices.

Let’s also talk about Bars. There are some great, very unique bars here in Uptown. Here are a few I highlight:

  • Bowen House
  • Cole Vines
  • Concrete Cowboy
  • Mutt’s Cantina (A “dog bar” where you can take your dog and let them play in the dog park while you grab a drink at the bar. Pretty cool spot!)


Also, let’s talk about housing. If you watched my Apartment Tour vlog, you’ll remember that we checked out a ton of apartments in the Uptown area. While there are single-family homes in Uptown, they are quite a bit more expensive because of the location, so a big chunk of the housing you’ll find in this area consists of townhomes and apartments. The townhomes can really range in size, though, so even if you have a family (and maybe a dog, because we all know that Uptown is a pet-friendly city, right?), the townhomes here can still be a great fit for you. And, of course, if you’re looking for a single-family home in the area, you can find them with a bit of a higher budget.

So in terms of the market here, currently, there are 210 homes for sale. That’s a 7% decrease over the last 30 days, so inventory is low. The average number of days on market is 90, which is pretty good. The average home sale price is $476,000. That price has actually decreased a bit over the last 30 days, so that’s nice to see!

The most expensive property in Uptown currently is $5,000,000. It’s a multiplex, so a great investor opportunity. There are quite a few properties in Uptown that would be great as rental properties or AirBnBs, so if you’re looking for more of an investment opportunity, there are definitely great spots for that, and Uptown is an amazing investment because of the overall housing market here.

If you have any questions about moving to Uptown or things to do around Uptown, be sure to send me a call, shoot me a text, or send me an email. I’m happy to answer any questions you have. Until next time, I hope to see you around town!

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