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All right, today we are in South Lake. And as you can see, the lake is south of me. I’m just kidding. That’s not actually the real life. But let me ask you a question. Don’t you just love going to the DPS to renew your driver’s license?

Oh, you don’t?

Well, if you lived in Salt Lake, this is why your DPS would look like a statue. Oh, wait. What’s up?

What’s up, Jimmy? Yeah, this should give you an idea of the money that’s involved here in Southlake. So join us on this video, we’re gonna take you around town. And also take it a couple of houses so you can see some different price points, and we’re gonna get after it.

If this is your first time to this channel and you want to know everything that there is to know about eating, sleeping, working, playing the good, and the bad of living in Dallas, Texas and surrounding suburbs. Like here we are today in South Lake thing. Go ahead, hit the subscribe button below. Tap the bell for notifications so you can be the first to stay current on everything. Dallas. Hey, my name is Jimmy Webb Jr., and I’m Levi Lascsak. And you know, Jimmy, now we get calls and emails every single day from people just like you looking to make their move to Dallas or even South Lake. And we absolutely love it. So whether you’re moving in nine days or 90 days, be sure you give us a call, shoot us a text or send us an email, we’d be happy to help you make a smooth move to Dallas or any surrounding area like South Lake here. And as you can see, we are in the heart of South Lake in the city center. And actually Jimmy can kind of Yeah, it’s a little blocked by the trees. But there’s good shops around there. A lot of good shopping actually that’s the courthouse right there.

Yeah, this is actually several city blocks right in this area. But all extremely walkable if you want to park you can get everywhere but you’ve got restaurants, bars, boutiques, clothing, jewelry, everything you need or, or are looking for you can find right here at the South Lake City Center. So it is kind of like the main hub, where people like to come and everything is practically brand new here. I mean, South Lake is known for not, not not not sparing any dollar, let’s just say they like to go all out. And really, they do it. They do it right this this, this whole just suburb is a masterplan suburb and was done extremely well. And as you can see, you don’t even see like powerlines around here everything is in the ground, which makes it very aesthetically pleasing. And it just gives a whole new filter. But everything is done in brick and stone and just very well done. Yeah, great, classic Texas style.

So let’s go check out some homes and some different prices.


Alright, so we are here at the first price point in South Lake, Texas. And we’re looking in the price range between Florida where we like to start but the thing is, is here in South Lake, the median home price is 650,000. And the average home sale price right now is actually 1.5 million. So you’re gonna have to bring your pocketbook if you want to come to South Lake. But we’re going to show you what you can get for $450,000 actually become this way a little bit Jimmy you can see over here, right behind me right there. So this is kind of a condo style, single family residential home. That makes sense. But these are kind of like a they’re kind of like zero lot houses. And that’s about the best you’re going to get here in South Lake for $450,000. But it’s still a three-bedroom, three and a half bath, just over 2700 square feet. So that’s really even at $166 a square foot that’s below the average for here in South Lake. So it’s still a pretty good deal. And if you’re looking just to be in South Lake for the school district, but you know, you don’t have a higher price point to work with, then you can get into something like this. That’s right behind me with you know, again, three bedroom three bath 20 said that is not a small home. So even though you’re kind of missing the yard has spec, there’s a lot to do around here. There’s some drills and common areas and things like that throughout this little neighborhood. So you know, it’s just you’re kind of missing out a little bit on just the backyard aspect. But again, hey, less maintenance, right? So that’s, that’s the good thing.

But still, this is about what you’re going to get starting at about $450,000 right here in South Lake and we’re right down the street. We kind of showed you the main city area, the main city, you know center where all the shops and restaurants This is only about two miles from there. And all along the streets that we passed down here is just a partial, so you have easy access to everything you need and the schools are not that far away. And of course, if you have a lower price point and you want to come into the Salt Lake schools. And that’s exactly why you want to maybe, you know, get one of these lower priced homes and sacrifice a yard. And trust me, there’s plenty of sports and things like that activities at the South Lake school that your kids can partake in, they’ll be very tired by the time they get home. So you don’t have to worry about them running around in the yard too much anyway.

The other option, if you want to get in at the lower price point is condos, you can go condos, like there’s some right behind us right there. You know, one thing that maybe most people don’t know about South Lake is there are no apartments, right. So they Southlake The city has a decade by decade plan and benchmarks that they want to hit. And they’re very strict about planning this whole thing out. So apartments is one of those rules where they’re not going to have apartments here, they want to keep keep the family atmosphere and keep everything kind of spread out.

So So now let’s, uh, Jimmy, let’s let’s take him over, and let’s look at something $600,000.

Let’s do it.


Alright, so now we’re in a mid range neighborhood that will I you know, we say mid range, but it’s really that 600 to 900 range. And I want to take a moment to talk about those schools for a second because the schools are very top top rated here in the state of Texas, there are five elementary schools in South Lake, all, you know, very highly rated. In the state of Texas, you’ll see them in, you know, frequently in the top 10 list top, you know, whatever lists, and they all everything feeds into one Senior High School, Southlake Carroll High School, there’s a pretty cool hashtag that they have here. It’s called hashtag expect excellence, which is certainly Of course in the academic classroom, but also on the athletic fields as well. their high school football team is always challenging for the state title, which is pretty cool to see they’ve had chase Daniel, who plays in the NFL, you know, you know, they’ve had some good talent, Carrie Bradshaw, Terry Bradshaw. Yeah, the markers were come out, he was a long list of professional athletes that have come out of South Lake, too many to? Well, yeah, so to talk about.

But, I mean, that’s kind of the vibe, though. So as you can kind of tell maybe, if you haven’t already, you know, parents are more than willing to shell out a little bit extra for those private lessons, you know, on the field with private coaches and everything, and it really does show up on the field. And so it is Southlake, I would say is kind of like, a smaller, Frisco, if you haven’t checked out our Frisco video, you’ll want to check that out.

And it’s also kind of the Highland Park of Tarrant County over here on the west side. So, you know, South Lake, is you’ve got everything that you need, they call it the bubble, here in South Lake, because you literally have everything you need, you don’t really leave South Lake, you know, this is a golf cart kind of town, you know, people have golf carts around here. And so you’ve got everything from, you know, fine dining, every kind of grocery store, all the shopping, you know, you’ve got everything in here. But the one con that one parent actually told me when I was talking to her was, you know, that that town square that we showed you earlier, it gets pretty crazy over the weekend, because people come from outside of South Lake, to that town square. And she said you couldn’t pay me to be there on the weekend. So that’s kind of the one con, you know, if you’re planning on going there on the weekend, you know, be ready for a busy time. So but yeah, Levi, let’s talk about this neighborhood, this house actually right here is for sale at the moment. But yeah, you want to talk about that?

Yeah, I mean, this is a five bedroom, four bathroom house, it’s actually 4200 square feet, and the price is at $640,000. So that puts it right at $152 a square foot. Again, crazy low, especially if you’re coming from California or New York. I mean, that’s insane. But look at the size of house you can get it actually has a three car garage, as well.

You know, cars are very popular here in Texas. And this is definitely a driving city. And and the other thing is this was a his home was built in 1997. And this is what you’re going to see if you’re going to be in this price range between six to $800,000, you will come across some new construction. But you’re also going to come across some of these homes that were built in the late 90s, early 2000s. Or if they’re going to be this traditional type of brick style home and you know likely going to need some updates if you want it to fit more within your taste, but a lot of them are going to be moving ready as well. So it’s just a matter of finding what’s right for you and what you’re looking for. And so, you know that being said, this is really what you can expect to find. Again, this is $640,000 so if we step up to the $750,000 – $800,000 you’ll get a little bit of a newer home with some some nice upgrades. But this should just give you an idea about where you’ll fall in that price range

Alright, we’ll see you in the next neighborhood. Let’s go.


Alright, so in this neighborhood, these homes are right, just over a million dollars. And as you can see, right behind us, this home is actually listed at just just under $1.2 million. Now with that comes five bedrooms, four baths, it’s 6475 square feet. So big boy. And yeah, it’s it’s huge. And it was built in 2005. So you can see, it’s a massive house, all the homes in this neighborhood are about the course about the same size. But that price per square foot is just for price per square foot is actually around $180 or so which, again, that’s a little higher than the other homes that we looked at. But you’re still, I mean, under $200, a square foot in Texas, again, coming from out of state, that’s it’s a bargain, really. But if you want that size of house, you know, close to we just passed up the high school, not too far down the road, we’re actually not even that far from the main city center. So this neighborhood is actually in close proximity, not even less than probably half a mile to the high school, and then half a mile to the main city center, where you can enjoy all the shops, and restaurants and bars that are you know, located just in that one for those particular city blocks. But other than that, you know, it’s this is a great home for sale, if this is your price range. And this is typically about what you’ll find here in the $1.2 million range. And actually, what’s funny is as you’re coming through here, Jimmy recognized, yeah.

So this is off a white chapel road, which was a main road in South Lake. And I was like, as soon as we turn that corner over there, I was like, Wait a second. I’ve been on this street before. And one of my buddies actually lives over there. And funny story about how he ended up picking that house. It was a new construction home. And you know, he has a funny relationship, get a sense of humor with God and everything. And, you know, there’s a white temple, as you might expect on white road. And, you know, when his kid walked in, he said, Daddy, Daddy, look, there’s a cross. He said he knew right then and there that this was that was the house he was gonna move into but yeah, we’ll show you the chapel if I haven’t already. But yeah, great. Great little neighborhood here. And really cool. Really cool spot.

And we’re gonna do town. Yeah. So what we’re doing let’s wrap this up, Jimmy. Let’s, let’s go find a coffee shop.

We’ll take inside a local little coffee shop. And let’s recap everything that we’ve come across so far here in South Lake blue. We’ll see you there.


Alright, so we started here in the town center for a little Guinness, some Brewskis. Shout out to our friend Jackson, who really likes the Brewskis and my friend Scott over here at Madison Square.

Yeah. Oh, I was gonna say check out these fries too, man. You know, I feel like I’m showing fries and every one of these shots so it’s uh, you know, maybe that’s my thing. Jack’s fries. I like my French fries and my coffee.

So here in Southlake. The reason why it’s called South Lake in the first place is because it borders Grapevine lake. It’s on the south side of grapevine, like no population, or it makes sense. It does. Yeah. Yeah, population 32,000. So it’s not that big when you compare it to like to Frisco Plano, or the ones that we’ve done in the past, you know, if you haven’t checked out those videos, and definitely check those out and do a little compare and contrast on where you might see yourself, right? This This neighborhood is owner five, everybody owns their homes. There’s 93% owner occupied. The median home value, as we said before, is $650,000. The rent if you do want to rent here, the rents going to be about $1400-$1500.

And you’re probably going to rent a single family home because there’s no ordinance here yet. No apartments or a condo, you might rent a condo, so and actually find something for 1400 I would say probably be a little bit of a challenge, but they’re out there if you wanted to try to rent here.

So the median income here in South Asia is going to be in that two 40,000 rains. So, you know, kind of if that wasn’t obvious already, then figure that out. But as we’ve said before, you know, it’s kind of like the Highland part of the county over here on the west side, right? It’s, it’s, it’s, you know, just on the on the west side of the DFW Airport, I mean, you literally five minutes, maybe 10 minutes tops away from the airport, depending on how far away you are off of 114. A major highway that runs here. Schools is as wide as some of the top top rated schools.

Yeah, so if you want to talk a little bit about the home the current market right now, which of course has real estate agents, that’s what we love to do. There’s actually only 93 homes as we go into 2021, only 93 Homes for sale in all of South Lake, as Jimmy mentioned, as it with a population of 32,000, you really do get a good, you know that that Southern Texas hometown bill here, but it but of course, South Lake comes with a cost, right, but with only 93 homes on the market, that is actually a 32% decrease just in the last 30 days. So that tells you that the inventory is even lower, and you know, moving into 2021. And so the key for that is, is there still, there’s still some deals to be found.

And of course, but really speed is your friend and this type of market. So if you see something online that you’re interested in number one, you know, we’ve got the we’ve got the one video you need to check out the six months is that you’re moving to Dallas, which you know, talks about narrowing down your search and your criteria contacting us, so we can help you do that. But if you see something you like and you are coming from out of state, you know, we can take a look at that for you as well. We can do a live FaceTime or you know, a zoom, zoom call as well and walk around the house. But the thing is, is that homes are moving quickly. And so speed is your friend, you can still get a good deal and homes are still priced pretty well. And they’re you know, they’re not overpriced. But the thing is, is that they’re coming in with multiple offers. And so something hits the market, we’ve got to move fast or, you know, one thing is to maybe Wait, if you come into town to make a visit, you know, a day or two before you come into town, we gather up a list to make sure to see what’s available and what’s out there. And then we try to take a look.

But at this point right now, it you know, it things are moving quickly. And actually, the median home price was 650. But the average home sale price right now here in Salt Lake is 1.5 million. So even those homes over a million are moving pretty quickly. And it again, people are coming to the suburbs, they want to get into the better schools, they’re kind of getting out of the city.

So this is very similar to come to Salt Lake want to make, right.

And so what overall what that looks at is is that average is the price per square foot around $295 in South Lake as a whole. But as you saw in the homes that we showed you earlier, we were at 151 60. And in the last one even that the million dollar home, it was at $180 a square foot, I mean, you’re just not going to find that hardly anywhere else in the country. And so it is a tremendous deal to still be here. When you look at the price per square foot. Compare that you’re still even though it may feel like you’re paying a higher price. But again, that was for a 6700 square foot home.

I mean that’s a mini mansion. That’s a mini mansion right there. The actually the most expensive listing on the market right now is 9.9 million. So that should tell you the ceiling that you can find here in South Lake. So if you want some if you want to stretch your dollar a little bit more, you can eat the homeless go up to 9.9 million as of currently on the market right now.

So that was talked about the economy a little bit here. So what basically a little history lesson for you. What happened was roxborough owed a bunch of land over in Westlake so you’ve got Salford and then kind of on the west side is what

Rothko just sold a bunch of that in there a couple of headquarters coming over here to South Lake, you know, I mean, there’s a bunch of companies, a lot of places to work from here. I mean, you got Frisco group Sabre holdings, TD Ameritrade, Carolina, see if you’re a teacher.

Yeah, TD Ameritrade actually has over 2000 employees and Sabre holdings has over 3000 employees so they’re those are both headquartered here. You know, so if you’re in those industries is a this is the place to be. Maybe that’s why there’s so much money. TD Ameritrade mandate is buying everything up. Texas Health Texas Health is one of the major employers of the Presbyterian Hospital, so that’s a that’s a pretty if you’re in that in the health industry nurse or doctor then you’ve got a great health system right here in Salt Lake as well

Berkeley’s Truefire Kitchen we were we were at earlier and some great I got some shrimp and with rice noodles noodles with some great spice. And the burger was top notch as well.

Veterans valet flow track software is an engineering software company have their emerge energy which is mining and mineral you got all sorts of different genres around here. Whatever you’re into how a company that will fit your needs and where you’re working from home. Or if you work at the airport, if you’re in the airline industry in the airport, it’s literally like Jimmy said – right down the street.

I think that really kind of wraps up our tour of South Lake and we hope you found some value in this if you did please like and share this video Also subscribe below. And remember, you know even if you’re moving in nine days or 90 days I realized if you’re moving in nine days you’ve probably already made some arrangements but you know if you have any if you have any other lingering questions you know, feel free ask anyways we’ll be still be happy to help you out. And also comment below if you know those questions if you’ve got some questions about satellite in general, or some of the favorite things if your problem sounds like we used to live in Salt Lake you could also comment below and share those ideas or thoughts with everyone else on this video. That would be awesome. And again yet, please feel free to shoot us a call. Shoot us a text, give us a call, or shoot us an email!

So anyway, with that being said, we’ll see you around town!

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