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Prosper, Texas is a Dallas suburb located just on the outskirts of Frisco, Texas, so if you’re looking to locate to Frisco, but the housing market is just too wild for you there, Prosper is an amazing alternative! You’ll find lots of great homes here in different price ranges, and you’ll notice that there are a lot more options that come with some land attached. You’ll also find that Prosper is really starting to grow, despite still being considered a small town! There are TONS of new construction homes here, and a lot of the commercial space is really starting to fill in. You’ll find plenty of food and shopping here, and the community is hard to beat.

In this video, we’ll take you through three different price points for homes in Prosper, Texas to give you an idea of what you can expect and what will fit your budget when you relocate here. The bottom line is, however, no matter where you choose to move here, you’re going to find incredibly nice, new homes and really quiet neighborhoods that are hard to find in some of the other popular Dallas suburbs. It’s definitely a cool town that’s worth checking out if you’re thinking of moving here to the Dallas area!


So the first house we check out in this video is a 3 bed, 3 bath home that is just over 3,000 square feet. It’s currently on the market for $520,000. That puts the price per square foot at around $178, which is awesome. This home was built in 2014, so it’s still somewhat new, and it’s in a really nice neighborhood. You’ll find that a lot of the homes in Prosper are fairly new, as Prosper is really in expansion mode right now.

House #2

You’re going to love this next home in Prosper Texas! This home is in a really nice community with water features and beautiful landscaping. This house has 4 beds, 4 baths, and is just over 4,000 square feet, and it’s listed at $700,000/ That puts the price per square foot around $175. AMAZING. The house itself has a pool and is surrounded by other beautiful homes, and it was just built in 2013. The community also has a pool and a playground for the kids, so it’s just a really great spot all the way around.

House #3

This house is another incredible home in a beautiful, fairly new community. It’s a 5 bed, 5 bath, 5,000 square foot home, and it’s listed at around $900,000. That’s about $195 per square foot. This home was also just built in 2018, so pretty much brand new! The community around this house is STUNNING, and it really sums up what Prosper is all about – peaceful, quiet, and clean. Just a great neighborhood and an immaculate home all the way around.

Overall, Prosper Texas is a really incredible spot to buy or build, and it’s growing fast. If you decide to move here, you’re most likely going to see some decent appreciation on your home, so not only is a beautiful spot to settle down, but it’s also a great investment.

So if you’re interested in any of these spots here in Prosper Texas, or if you’re looking to relocate to any of the other awesome suburbs here in Dallas Texas, make sure you reach out to me and my team about the Dallas Texas real estate that’s available right now. We’ll help you score that perfect home!

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