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What does it look like to live in Heath Texas? Heath is a great spot in the Rockwall area that is right off of the lake, and if you’re a fan of Rockwall, you’ll love Heath!

The sunsets here are unbelievable, and the houses really match the vibe of lake life and luxury, without a doubt. If you’re a lake goer, this might be the perfect Dallas Texas suburb for you!

Today, I’ll take you through the city of Heath Texas, and show you all that it has to offer… and I’ll tell you right off the bat that you can expect some VERY nice homes in Heath. That being said, prices start at about the $600,000 range and go up into the millions, so you’ll definitely need a higher budget for this area, especially considering the low inventory here in Heath overall. You’ll really like this area – trust me!

If you’re looking to move to the Heath Texas area, or anywhere else in the Dallas Texas area, be sure to reach out to me and the Living in Dallas Texas team! We’re here to help you make a smooth move to Dallas Texas, and we can help you decide whether a Dallas Texas suburb, like Heath Texas, is a good fit for you.

You can reach out to us via phone call, text, email, or Zoom call, and we’d be happy to help you navigate the Dallas Texas real estate market. Let’s explore Heath Texas in today’s Living in Dallas Texas vlog tour!

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