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Living in Flower Mound Texas | VLOG TOUR of FLOWER MOUND TEXAS | Dallas Texas Suburb

Are you looking to move to Flower Mound, a suburb in Dallas Texas? Let’s explore Flower Mound and its properties today!


Flower Mound Texas is a great spot, and one of the benefits of this suburb of Texas is that it’s somewhat well-established. It has been voted the 61st safest city in Texas. The homes here are in nice communities, they’re large and low-priced as far as square footage goes, and you are really close to the lake as well. Although this beautiful suburb is not the most popular compared to other places like Frisco or Plano, Flower Mound is one of the most affordable and nicest communities in the Dallas area. You’ll find a lot of quiet communities with large trees and bushes. A very pretty spot! Flower Mound is also really close to the lake, so you’re 5-10 minutes away from boating, hiking, and biking. You know how we Texans love our lake life!

Flower Mound, Dallas Texas


Properties here are really spacious, and the cost per square foot is extremely reasonable (and even lower than average in certain areas). A big reason for this is that the community is better established than many of the suburbs in the Dallas area. Properties in Flower Mound range between $300K and over $1M, catering to various budgets. There is less than 200 homes currently on the market, making Flower Mound a competitive market.

4 bedroom 3 bathroom Property for sale in Flower Mound Texas going for $395K
4 bedroom 4 bathroom property for sale in Flower Mound Texas going for $550K


Flower Mound is an amazing place to live and raise a family. So if you’re interested in learning more about this area, or you want to come out and tour some homes, make sure you give me a call, send me a text, or shoot me an email so that we can discuss some options and create a gameplan for you. This is a great community, and you’ll love living here. Until next time, I hope to see you around town!

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