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Living in Dallas Texas – LAKEWOOD Neighborhood VLOG TOUR in Dallas Texas

Are you thinking about moving to Lakewood in the Dallas area? Let’s explore Lakewood Neighborhood today!

We’re here at the White Rock Lake and there’s a nine and a half-mile track around this lake. Great little spot for the Lakewood families to come down here. You’ve got this paved track all the way around the entire leg. I believe that extends it out to another another six to seven miles making it a 17-mile track if you want to take it the distance but it also connects to the Santa Fe Trail, which goes all the way to Deep Ellum to Downtown.

Living in Lakewood is absolutely beautiful, especially in the spring and the fall. The beautiful homes close to the lake got this nice elevation. If you’ve seen some of the other videos, that’s one of my complaints about Dallas is a kind of a lack of landscape as far as hills and, and ocean, right? So you got to make it up with the lakes. And there’s a little bit of some elevation over here in White Rock, which I really, really like.

And this is what I really love about Lakewood is its massive open, old-growth trees. And you’re gonna see though there’s going to be a little bit of a mix here in Lakewood as far as there’s going to be some older style ranch homes. A lot of them have been torn down. And of course, a lot of bigger homes have been put up in the area. But you still have some of these older ranch-style homes. So if you want to get in here low I’m about to show you this house, it’s going to be about as low as you can get. And this is this house is going to be listed at 595,000, which is, as I mentioned, probably going to be the lowest you can get in.

You’re gonna get in the price point between 800 to a million is really going to be the sweet spot here in Lakewood because of the proximity to downtown, the mature trees, the lake, and because of the elementary school. You’re really paying for all of that. But I know the people that do live here absolutely love it and they wouldn’t trade it for anything.

Overall, the Lakewood neighborhood is a great option to consider especially for families and if you check out our other video on the top three neighborhoods for family you know Lakewood is in there so definitely something you want to consider. And it’s never crowded. That’s what I love about being here in the Lakewood area is that it’s just not heavily trafficked.  If you’re considering making a move to the Lakewood neighborhood, or anywhere else in the Dallas Texas area, be sure to give me a call, shoot me a text, send us an email, or schedule a Zoom call. We’d love to help you make a smooth move to Dallas Texas!

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