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Living in Dallas Texas | UPTOWN VLOG TOUR of UPTOWN DALLAS

If you are thinking of moving to Uptown Dallas then this video is for you! We walk you through Uptown Dallas so you can see it for yourself!


Uptown is the number one spot for young professionals. If you like dogs and you like bars and you want to combine them both, this is a great little bar area that has this whole outdoor area for the dogs to come and play you see all the watering stations.

This is one of the best parts right here which is the Katy Trail. The Katy Trail behind is short for the MKT, which is the Missouri Kansas, and Texas railroad line. And you’ll see right behind me is actually the Katy Trail Ice House. You’ll see how big that is and how there’s usually This place is usually pretty packed. Especially during happy hour and on the weekends . The trail going behind me and towards me is a three-and-a-half-mile track which is very popular because you see you’ve got not only the paved area but you’ve also got you know kind of like this, this high school track area as well. Which makes it a lot softer. If you’re going to be running and so that way if you want to be on the paved road then y you can use your skates or the bikes or things like that. So it kind of encompasses all that you can run bike or skate on here and oh look and you see there’s an old train car that has the MKT.


Alright, so we’re right here down the street from the Katy Trail Ice House really not too far. But you know, when you’re in Uptown, that’s the beautiful thing is is everything’s not too far away, you’re going to be within walking distance. You can even see here, you can probably see the trolley line tracks that go here, there is a trolley inactive trolley that still functions. And we’ll take you through a pretty big loop through all of uptown. So that’s kind of fun to ride one time, my friends and I rented it out for a birthday party. I’m not sure if they still do that exactly it was a couple of years ago. But we rented out the trolley for a birthday party and had food and drinks on there. And it was awesome. It actually has a partnership with like a couple of the gas stations. So can stop along the way and you can get out and go use the bathroom if you need to. But it was really a lot of fun just to kind of like bop around uptown on a trolley. But this is the first condo I wanted to show you here you can see right behind me it’s kind of like a New Orleansesque style, condo. But this is probably gonna be as low as you can get here in Uptown, right? This is actually going to be a two bedroom two bath for right around 1050 square feet. And it’s actually under $300,000. So it’s only $275,000. And you get covered parking, it’s got a pool. And the couple, there’s actually a couple for sell up here that I’ve taken a look at. And they’re not too bad as far as with some updates and some painting and things like that. And so I think it’s as far as a starter condo, it’s not I mean, it’s a really a great option. Because if you’re trying to stay, you know, as inexpensive as possible, then this could be a great option for you here.

Now the HOA I looked at was around $377 a month. So that’s going to include you know, things like some of your maintenance and your insurance. Some a couple of those other things. I didn’t look at the specifics on that. But that’s something you always want to keep in mind whenever you’re joining a condo, or, you know, townhome association or something like that always understand what the HOA dues are and what do they include, and what do you what do they not include. So it’s always very important to read through that, especially before you purchase. But you’ll see behind me back here you see a couple like these little craftsman, Craftsman and Craftsman style home bungalows, those are kind of scattered throughout uptown. So that’s going to be like your single family homes. In uptown, if you find them, that’s what they’re going to be very similar to kind of those two style homes right across the street. But otherwise, a lot of times they you know, they’ll come in and tear those down. But I think most of them are preserved now. Part of the history, you know, is part of the history. But they used to come in there and tear these down, of course, and then also, you know, come up and put up these these townhomes and condos.

Now, the other cool thing about this is this is right around the corner. I’m pretty sure where I’m at right now is right around the corner from a restaurant that I absolutely love, which is called Breadwinners. And it is one of the most amazing brunch spots. They’ve got some stuffed French Toast that is absolutely to die for. And yeah, it’s worth it. So definitely if you get over here to uptown, you wanted to go check out breadwinners and try this stuff. French toast. It’s absolutely amazing. So what you’ll see here, I mean you got condos on this side. You got more condos over on this side as well. And you got you see all the high rises up there too. And so that’s that’s what you’re getting when you’re coming into Uptown. Yeah, but uh, yeah, always always entertaining here in Uptown, so people are always out and about walking, walking their dogs and just, you know, having a good time. So with that, let’s go check out the next price point at at. But anyways, so I know let’s, let’s go check out the next price point condo.


Alright, so we’re here at our next property. And this one is actually $585,000. But these are some townhomes right behind me. And you’re gonna get a lot more square footage for that amount as well. So this, these, this one for sell back here is actually four bedroom, four bath 2500 square feet. So if you’ve got a family, and you want to be in the middle of everything, then you can find a good townhome, actually, the HOA on here is only $1200 a year, so only $100 a month, which is extremely low. It’s probably one of the lowest HOA fees I’ve ever seen before.

But all these condos, now these are a little bit. These are kind of 90s, the kind of the 90s. So there’s definitely some newer options around here. Actually, if you look on the other side, then these were more recently built here. So there is no shortage of options whenever it comes to condos and townhomes here in, you know, the Uptown area. And we’re actually right down the street from the Walmart, the Walmart Neighborhood Center. So you’d be able to be walking distance to that wanted to pick up some groceries, again, we’re still right around the corner, you can jump onto McKinney Avenue. So McKinney Avenue is kind of like the Main Street. But you can see it looks like they’ve got a whole new construction project going on back there for that high rise as well. Just some newer options, some newer buildings right there. But you know, the price per square foot is around $230 per square foot, I believe. And so, you know, that’s still not that is not bad at all. You know, cuz especially if you’re coming from California in New York, then that’s going to be very, very affordable. But you’ll see here Yeah, these are definitely a little bit newer here. Of course, I’m sure there’s probably a couple of options in here as well. And but just to give you an idea of what that looks like over there, again, that it’s a it’s a great townhome option, especially if you’ve got a family, one or two kids, the dog, and you still want to be right in the middle of everything, then then a townhome here in Uptown, is going to be still the reasonable I mean for $585,000, you could definitely find some single-family homes. Anyways, so as we, as I said before, lots of animals here in Uptown, everyone loves the animals.


Alright, so here at the house I’ve been talking about this whole time This one is only $899,000 I say only but totally defined a single-family home that’s detached in Uptown, on this super quiet street is I think is a pretty much a good deal. Actually. You can see down here possibly I can always walk you down there. But there’s a lot that lot by itself is around $725,000 so you can get this three bedroom three bathhouse, it’s over 3300 square feet for $899,000. And it was actually it was built in 1996. So even though it looks like it was built in 1896 it was built in 1996. So they did a good job in there as far as trying to you know, making it look 1896 so you’ll still have some of the good amenities in there. And and everything should be functioning quite well. But I mean, the detail is pretty good, especially for what they were trying to accomplish here. So I I applaud them on that at least on the outside, but I just think this is pretty cool. I always love old Victorian style homes. I mean, if you’ve seen some of the other vlogs I I love the old style, vintage some character I live in an 100 year old house myself over in old East Dallas, not too far from here, but I think that’s pretty cool with what they’ve done here to do that. And again, here in Uptown, you see right on the other side, you’ve got condos, some, some condos right here. And this, I’m assuming this is probably a could be, it could be a single family or multifamily home right there. I’m gonna assume probably single family since it’s got the garage, which is a pretty good size, that’s probably well worth over a million right there. But I wanted to kind of just walk you down here too. So you can see some of the older homes here in Uptown, what they kind of look like.

So you got you got that one’s still standing. Again, this this lot behind me is listed at $725,000. Just to show you what the dirt is worth here in Uptown. But you still see you’ve got quite a few like Craftsman bungalow Victorian style homes, a lot of that is going to you’re going to find here in Uptown, if you’re looking for a single family home, but you’re going to get up in the price range of $800,000, $900,000, and a million plus, if that’s if you want a single family home here in Uptown, which is not bad, you know that it’s always gonna be it’s always gonna hold its value, or at least it should, and don’t quote me on that should always hold its value at least. But I like this little commercial building right here, like small shops are probably just private offices. But that’s pretty cool. Again, you’re not too far here from from again, we’re down the street from the Walmart, you can walk down to the McKinney Avenue find out, you know, restaurants, bars, everything that you need, is going to be right here in Uptown. Thank you see, there’s some more, some more dog walkers back there. But you know, all in all, uptown, great option if you’ve seen our other vlog, you want to go check it out, or actually our video on the top six neighborhoods for young professionals and singles, then uptown. You know, uptown is number one, spoiler alert. But still, you want to check that out if you want some other options if these price ranges are, although, again, you can get a condo we showed you at the very beginning for under 300,000. But you know, it’s not gonna be in the best shape, may could use some updates, but actually that one I showed you was really not that. But again, I think that home is pretty cool for $899,000.


Alright, so I wanted to make one more stop here for you here in Uptown and just kind of show you if you were looking for like a single family home or something in the area what you’re what you can expect, actually, there’s an apartment right there in that building. That’s for rent. But you can see you’re just got these older style. You just got these older style Craftsman bungalows, Victorian style homes here. This is off of Bolli Street. And it’s just kind of nestled back here in Uptown. But actually right there, you see at that stop sign is going to be McKinney Avenue, which again, McKinney Avenue is your main strip, where all your bars, restaurants, everything you need. And one even wholefoods is on McKinney Avenue. But again, I just love some of these, they’ve been converted. These are actually some of these been converted into some offices office space. And you know, for some commercial businesses, so just depending on the zoning, but I think it’s just really cool.

Another thing to keep in mind is that Love Field is not is not too far from here. So if you’re a fan of Southwest Airlines, then Love Field is literally five minutes from here. And so if you’re a frequent business, or recreational traveler and you’d like to hit up Southwest Airlines, then Love Field is literally five minutes from here. It looks like you’ll catch a couple of planes flying over from time to time. But again, just wanted you to kind of see some of the older style homes that you even got, again. townhomes at that end, you’ve got looks like some luxury townhomes right here and then even down you can see on that in some some apartments that the high rise up there.

So everything you need, and one right here in Uptown, all different types of styles and options. So a lot to choose from. So try to figure out exactly what you want and make sure you let us know but comment below let me know what’s your favorite stuff. Do you like townhomes, condos, apartments? homes, older homes, new homes? Let me know your thoughts. Alright, so now let’s go grab a coffee. Alright, so we’re here on one of the most popular intersections in Uptown and it might be a little noisy because of the traffic. So I’ll do my best to kind of keep this short. But I wanted to show you real quick, what you can expect around here. This is one of the major retail areas you’ll see. Right behind me over there is the West Village, which is a really very connected complex of shops, restaurants, bars, everything, although pretty much everything here in Uptown is well connected.

If you check out our apartment tour vlog, which you should the one of the apartments in Uptown that we take you to is just right there, actually that that high rise right on the with the large corner right there. And, and that’s the one we show you in Uptown, Debenhams, not too far from here. But again, you got so much shopping restaurants, bars, again, we’re This is McKinney Avenue right here, which as I mentioned before, that it’s going to be your main street for everything that you need. You come to this intersection, even come around here, you’ve got all these shops and restaurants.

But there’s just so much to pack in there. I mean, I could I could make this vlog an hour. If you would watch it all I would do that. But otherwise, we want to break it up. But yeah, go check out the apartment tour. And and you can see that you know on that vlog as well. Now we’re getting a little bit quiet. But again, still you got more apartments, even right there. More restaurants. I mean, Yummylicious right here and we’re I’m about to go in right now and finish up on this market recap. We’re going to be right in here at the Sip and Stir Coffeehouse, which is really, really good. They’ve got some good coffee there, it’s a great place to hang out. You can see some people doing their work in there. So again, sorry about the noise right there. But you know, McKinney Avenue it’s it’s it’s hustle and bustle over here and uptown. But again, lots of options for apartments, condos, townhomes, everything you need is going to be in this area, no shortage of things to do. Definitely one of my favorite spots. And if you’re a young professional, even if you have a family, and you want to be in the middle of absolutely everything. I mean, there’s great residential neighborhoods around here with some single family homes, you can check those out as well. We’d be happy to help you find something. So you can always access uptown as well. No problem. So all right now.

Now let’s go get a coffee.


All right. So as I mentioned, we’re here at this hipster coffee house and uptown which is a great spot. As you can see behind me, let me get out of the way a little bit there for you. So you can see. But yeah, if you look at the Market Report, right now, in Uptown, there’s currently about 210 properties on the market. But that’s actually a 7% decrease in the last 30 days. So again, inventory is less and you know, speed is our friend in this market right now that things are priced. Well, they are not really lasting that long. So if you’re looking to purchase, you know, speed is our friend, because we want to make an offer, we want to make a good offer. And we want to do that quickly. So if you’re coming from out of state, then that’s that presents a little bit more of a challenge. But that’s what we’re here for is to help you out on that can always check out the property to FaceTime or something like that as well. But ultimately, how are you you know, come down for a quick visit. But either way, you know, just just got to let us know how we can help you out.

But there there has been 33 price reductions in the last 30 days as well. So there still are some deals to be had. So it doesn’t mean everything’s flying off the market. So that’s always a place that I like to start first is look for the price reductions are because I know that those are motivated sellers. And they’ve got some negotiating room. And also they are probably ready to make a deal, especially if they reduce the price.

By the way, got my Americano here again, comment below, let me know what your favorite coffee is. I’m an Americano type of guy. And just love the taste of espresso, though. Really awesome. But the average the average sell price right now, and uptown is around $476,000. So that should give you a good idea about what you’re going to be up against. You know, as I mentioned previously, as we were going around the neighborhoods, you know, you’re going to get something decent you can for even under $300,000, but three to five, even three to six, there’s going to be some properties. There’s old new and ones that are going to need some updating. So it just really depends on what will suit your needs and what your budget is what we can find. But if you go above that above six to seven, then then you’re definitely stepping into some nicer properties. I still can’t believe that that one home $899,000. So I think that’s a that’s a pretty cool deal because it is it is almost literally a block from McKinney Avenue. restaurants and bars right there. Everything would be walkable. So that that’s pretty awesome. And I think that’s a that would be a fun house to have in Uptown. So.

But yeah, right now the average days on market for uptown as well as around 90 days. So that’s pretty good. The most expensive property listed here right now is $5 million that’s currently on the market. That’s going to be a multifamily. It’s kind of like a small apartment complex. So if you’re an investor, or you’re looking to buy a multifamily complex, here, they are available. You know, I think it’d be a great spot for it. Well, I know it’d be a great spot for airbnbs. And I’ll tell you what, you could really take advantage of that. And get the lowest price condo right now is around $240,000. So even even what I showed you with 275, you can even get a little bit lower than that. So it’s affordable. If you’re on your own and single and just want to get in Uptown, you could save money by buying a condo for under 300,000. You know, and if you’re working from home, you wouldn’t even really need a car because you’ve got grocery, you’ve got restaurants, you’ve got bars, you got everything you need, and then that is walkable, and at least bikable. And you could even take the trolley if you wish as well because that will definitely get you around. That’s a little bit of a slower pace. So you got to have some patience there.

But, you know, that pretty much sums it up for for uptown. So we hope you found this helpful. And if you did, you know please comment below and let us know again if you’re from uptown, what areas you like what were your favorite spots and also consider subscribing and and you know, again, whether you’re moving in nine days or 90 days just give us a call, shoot us a text or send us an email, and we’d be happy to help you make a smooth move to Dallas or answer any other questions that you may have. So until next time, we hope to see you around town

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