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Living in Celina Texas | FULL VLOG TOUR of Celina Texas

Shhh!!! No one wants you to know about Celina Texas! Celina is definitely a gem of a town, and it’s got that small-town country feel that so many people love (and they kind of want to keep that a secret!). Today, I’ll walk you through Celina Texas in this full vlog tour to give you an idea of what to do, where to eat, and the best spots to live.

You’ll get a close look at what the homes look like and what it really feels like to be a member of the community of Celina Texas! One thing that you’ll love about Celina Texas is that there is a great sense of community and familiarity here.

It’s really a fun spot to be! You’ll see that I have a chance to joke around with some of the locals about their favorite things to do and why they really want to keep Celina Texas small and quaint – they really love it here! You’ll also find some amazing wineries, great food, and lots of amazing homes in the area.

The main thing you’ll love about living here is the size of the homes and lots – they are epic! The house prices here are great, and you’ll find home sizes a lot like Frisco, but without the Frisco prices.

You’re also fairly close to places like Plano, Frisco, and McKinney, so commuting or heading out for a night is not a big deal. It’s a great spot to be, and you’ll see why today. Let’s explore Celina Texas today!

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