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Let’s explore this luxury property in Preston Hollow today! This home was built by New Leaf Custom Homes, and it is STUNNING.

At one point or another we have all dreamt of our dream home. For some, these homes have become a reality, whilst for others they can’t seem to get all the pieces to come together. Balancing your dream with a realistic budget, and the right team to build your vision can be a mammoth task, especially when you have to identify all the different contractors individually. The good news is, there’s a simpler way!

With years of experience in the real estate space in Dallas Texas, the Living in Dallas Team has exclusive access to some of the finest contractors in the area – getting you that much closer to your dream home. Of note, is New Leaf Custom Homes, a multi-award winning company housing an experienced team of design and construction professionals who together, working under “one roof” can make your dreams a reality. Family lovers especially have over the years enjoyed working with the New Leaf team, putting together unique houses that reflect their family and give them a wonderful place to call home. For big and small homes alike, attention to detail is everything. Read on for a sneak peak at what you can expect from journeying with New Leaf to plan, design and construct your dream home.

In Preston Hollow Texas, sits a 5524 square foot, $2 850 000 New Leaf custom home which tells a story about home-owners with a love for family and friends, entertainment and luxury. The home boasts of twenty foot ceilings, floor length windows, an amazing kitchen, dining, living and entertainment area with plenty of room for family and guests, 5 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms, 2 half baths, a craft room, a swimming pool, a playground and a 3 car garage.

Some of the unique touches in this home include, a climate-controlled wine room and a backyard patio with an outlet for a TV, built in infrared heaters and ceiling fans, a built in kitchen and an outdoor toilet. All these features speak of comfort and convenience, creating a space in which great memories can be made. We invite you to pause for a moment, eyes closed. Imagine the space in which you would love to create new memories with your loved ones. It is all within reach, simply get in touch with us to get the process started.

If a custom home is what you are seeking, look no further.

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