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Move to a Dallas Texas Suburb if you are looking for a good public school! Here we discuss all of the Dallas Texas suburbs so you can narrow it down. In this video, we’re going to take you through each and every one. That way you can get a good idea and hopefully find some clarity on which Dallas suburb might fit best for you.


There are quite a few suburbs, of course, the most popular being Frisco, Plano, McKinney, and Allen possibly Rockwall as a little bit more popular back in the day.

Forney is not really the most well-known, but at the same time, it is gathering a lot of steam right now. It is really only about 20 minutes from downtown. You just jump on to 80 that merges into I-30. And right there, you’re into downtown Dallas within about 20 minutes, it’s a straight shot. Forney Texas still kind of country so if you’re looking for that country feel and you want to possibly even pick up some land, then Forney is probably going to be a great option for you because there is it is booming right now. Forney is definitely the place where you can still get some good deals on there. You know, they’ve got this little historic downtown. There’s not a lot going on there. But you know, great for a great little bakery and coffee shop down there in a little pizza place. That’s right by one of the schools. And then they’ve kind of got the old historic town, which is going to be right around here off of Main Street should be in this area.

What I love about Rockwall is that you are going to get the best sunsets in all of Dallas right here. Because of course, you’ve got the west on this side, right? Here’s the West over here, and the sunset it rises and then it falls over there. Let’s see if we can make a little sun here. Pretty much. There you go. There’s your sunset. And the thing I really love about Rockwall is that you know, my biggest complaint if you have seen a couple of our other videos, my biggest issue with Dallas is it’s pretty flat, you know, you don’t see mountains, you’re not looking at Ocean. So it’s kind of like the lack of landscape to me is the biggest downside Dallas, but Rockwall is, is really pretty hilly.

We featured this in the blog right now they’re just starting to develop it but this is going to be the “Crystal Lagoon.” It’s going to be ready in about two years, in 2023 but I’m telling you that’s going to be here before you know it. This is going to just be a whole community with well over 1000 units is going to be condos, townhomes apartments, they’re going to have a Sapphire Bay Marina, they’ve got the show fountain just in the Crystal Lagoon is going to be an acre itself, and they’re going to have sandy beaches in there. And then of course, you’re just going to get some of the best sunsets as well because you got that gap of water right there. Where the sun is going to set on the west side all the time. So that’s pretty cool.

So you got Lake Ray Hubbard right here, which is a pretty good-sized lake and is one of the bigger ones in the Dallas area. So you’ve got quick and easy access to Lake Ray Hubbard to do lots of boating activities, and have lots of fun on the lake itself.

Then you got Lavonne Lake just north of you on top of that. But still, you can find some little estates at Lavonne beach estates, places like Cody Acres are where you can still find some Lake lots as well. And that’s going to be a little area in Princeton, you know. What’s really getting built up right now is Wiley, Wiley, Lucas, Parker, and Murphy, a ton of new construction out there.

Rockwall is about 20 minutes from Dallas, if, from Wiley, that’s probably going to be a little bit longer. The downside is on the east side, it does take you a little bit you’ve got the airport right over here. So Rockwall, Wiley, Lucas, and again, all of these Rockwall’s got a great school district for football, it’s got to all star football teams. So that’s something that you can consider if you’ve got kids that play sports. Wiley might still be building up their school ratings, but again, you’re still going to be in a great area.

Plano is one of the biggest suburbs, almost 300,000 so if you’re looking for something a little bit more that small-town feel, then Rockwall, Wiley these new areas out there are going to give you the new construction options you’re looking for. Plano is pretty awesome, it’s gonna be closest to Dallas as you can see also borders the Dallas North Tollway. Any of the school districts in Plano are going to be pretty good. So that’s something you don’t have to worry about. On top, and again, school districts are going to be just fine. Really, really top-notch.

Then you’ve got Allen, as I mentioned, this is kind of the smaller, the smaller of everything in between here so their population is only around 100,000.

They’ve got this cool area, waters Creek, actually go check out our Allen blog, we kind of feature in there I sit, sit down at Prague’s cafe, cool little local coffee shop. And you know, have some coffee there tell you about the market kind of walk you around, you know, this whole area, which is, you know, just the collection of shops, restaurants, and bars right off the highway. And you have some great neighborhoods in here, actually, take you down here and show you some new construction homes that are right around nine, five, or 500 to a million now. So you want to be in the suburbs, but still, have close access and things to do right there. That’s a great option. Oh, and that reminds me I almost forgot about Legacy West over here in Plano. Sometimes this gets covered in with Frisco, because you’re right on the border of Frisco. You know, here’s Briscoe up here.

And then here’s Plano, right. But then right there, you’ve got the shops at Legacy and legacy West. And of course, this is all brand new, brand new area with a ton of shops and restaurants, a little bit of some nightlife where people like to hang out. But again, it’s really kind of family-oriented. So you’re gonna find a lot of couples and things like that, you know, in the area, but again, you know, they’ve got a, you know, the Lululemon, of course, legacy foodhall my partner Jimmy loves legacy food Hall. He can’t shut up about it. It’s it’s a collection. You go in there. I don’t know. There’s, there’s like 50 different food vendors in there.

I don’t know why it’s there. But I mean, it’s it’s pretty popular. You go in there, it’s always packed. You got it right there. You’ve got

several I mean, it just goes on and on. True food. That’s what I was looking for true food is over here, which I really love. True food kitchen. That’s it’s one of my favorite restaurants. And then of course you you have some Tex Mex options over here, which is always nice to enjoy. So that’s great for being in Plano, especially if you’re over here on the west side. The price your area, you can just jump up the Tollway and hit up the legacy West shops at legacy. That’s a lot of fun to do. You’ve got just north of Alan is McKinney, nother pretty popular hotspot. So you know, that’s something again, 200,000 people you’ve got, it’s probably got the biggest historic district of all of these suburbs up here. And probably the busiest, where they really take advantage of McKinney really captures and preserves their historic district that’s really liked about it, because they’ve got a lot of great bars and restaurants, things to do in the historic, historic district. And they have a ton of historic homes all throughout this whole area. So that’s the cool thing about Kinney is that you’ve got these two main streets, really a lot of your historic area retail is in there. And then a lot of this neighborhood through here is you know, historic home. So you can find a lot of 100 110 year old homes that are really, really, really cool. I like them a lot. I found one the other day for under 500,000. Actually, we had a McKinney blog as well. So you should check that out. And you’d be able to see that. So that’s something you could definitely take advantage of. So that’s going to be more of the historic side, the older side, again on the east side of 75. And then you’re going to have a lot of your newer areas getting built up on the west side, you can see a lot of retail here at 380 and 75 calling college. That’s the biggest campus for the community colleges, here in Dallas.

So you’ve got a pretty big intersection going on right there. And you can see not a lot of development up here, but it’s starting to move up that area now as well. So you’ve got Melissa and Anna, which are really starting to take off Salina prosper those two areas. So Melissa Anna, Selena prosper.

Move ton of new construction. So as I said, we’re getting new construction Rockwall and pouring out here in the east. This is where you’re getting a ton because of course you got Frisco we’ll get to that here in a second. But prosper Selena and Alyssa, if you want to be further north now just keep in Muncie Dallas historic downtown.

I mean, 40-45 miles, 47 minutes, and that’s going to be with no traffic at all. So just keep that in mind. If you

Don’t mind that, you know, once you get up to Anna, once you’re in Atlanta, you’re pretty much going to be there, you know, you’re probably going to do your school’s your shopping, I mean, everything, you know, you’re probably rarely rarely make it down to Dallas, unless it’s to go shopping, you know, for a weekend or something like that, you know, or unless you want to just drive back and forth, but you’re probably hit a little traffic on the weekends even. Because, you know, a lot of people go into downtown Dallas, from these areas. But again, if you’re looking for new construction, and you want to be North with lower populations, then Lissa and a salon and prosper, are going to be are going to be, you know, some good options for as well. And now that brings us over here to Frisco, the suburb every everybody always wants to know about. And Frisco is Yeah, it’s right at, you know, 200,000 right now. And it’s mostly developed significantly in the last 15 to 20 years. There was a lot of farmland, yeah, right at 20 years ago, I remember going up there in 2000. And the only thing that was up there, it was a cheap autoparts.

And it that was just whenever they got bought out by AutoZone. So if you don’t even know what cheap auto parts is, then you’re probably under 30 years old. If you’re, you’d have to probably be 35 years old, or some given away my age a little bit. But uh,

you’d have to remember what cheap Oh, by the way, if you’re watching this and you remember, Chief autoparts, then comment below, let us know, let us know you’re in the club. You’re in the chief Auto Parts club. So yeah, I remember that. And because I used to clean floors for cheap Auto Parts back in the day. So right whenever I got out of high school, right before I went into the military, and so cleaning floors, for a year after high school made me realize I needed to do something else with my life. And so, you know, went into the military, but I cleaned a Chief autoparts somewhere up here, and it was pretty much the only thing out there. That would have had some money at the time. I should have bought some land but oh well. But Frisco core is just completely boomed. It’s a masterplan suburb. So they take everything into consideration there. They know there’s restrictions and on everything as far as the building, so they have to look a certain way they have to, you know, just fall in line. So there’s a lot of it can be different, but it’s going to be uniform. So it’s, it’s really well done.

You’re not going to see a lot of powerlines and all of Frisco most pretty much all the suburbs, everywhere you go, you know, they buried all the all the lines underground, which I like a lot because I don’t like looking at power lines. I think they’re kind of ugly in my opinion. But you know, the same just, you know, strong all over the place. Whenever everything’s run underground. Then you got the trees growing up and in the neighborhood, and it just makes for a better look. But you’ve got so much to do in Frisco. And that’s why people that went there in Frisco, they love Frisco, and they don’t leave Frisco. So I’ve got friends in Frisco. They never, ever come to Dallas. I mean, and I will go see him in Frisco and that’s about the only way I’ll ever get to see him is if I go to Frisco, they just won’t leave Frisco. But it really started right here with the Stonebriar Mall, Tollway and 121 and this is a massive, massive mall that they built out and all of the retail and everything around it.

So it’s quite a bit, and anything up the Tollway is going to be a ton of retail. You can see here at at Preston and Lebanon road more retail. You see how these yellow spots kind of highlight the concentration of commercial think over here. Yeah, this is Starwood right there is this was kind of like one of the original

Oh gee, really nice neighborhoods. So that’s something that is you know, if you’re, you want to kind of like that old school. Old School, super nice neighborhood in Frisco Starwood is is is that neighborhood but still it doesn’t matter where you’re at in Frisco. There is a ton of new construction still still, to this day, and but still well established communities. I’ve got friends they live off of, let’s see Eldorado. There’s going to be this whole area should be called Newman village. There it is. Newman village. super nice. I mean, you’re talking about mostly $900,000 and up homes, but gated community. A lot of still some lots left in their great area. You’re part of the best schools preschools

Some of the best schools and in Texas, if not the nation, but definitely in Texas, they’re just the public school system is great. They’ve got 10 high schools, and 17 middle schools and 42 elementary schools. So actually, you should check out not only do we have a full blog tour on Frisco, but you should check out our interview our pros and cons with a Frisco housewife, one of my good friends, Stacy, and she tells us about the good and bad of living in Frisco for 10 years. And you know, one thing she loved about the schools is, is because there’s so many schools, she says that each school really feels kind of small and tight knit, even though Frisco has 200,000.

I mean, with 10 high schools Think about that. The 10 high schools, then it does allow, you know, smaller size classes. And so she really felt like especially 42 Elementary School, she felt like whenever the kids were growing up, that they’re getting really good personalized attention from their teachers, and they’ve got teachers that really care. So, you know, it’s just, she just loved that aspect of it. And, and she loved it. neighborliness of all of her people, you know, that’s the thing in Texas southern charm is a reality. Yes, people will talk to you randomly everywhere, and have conversations with you in the grocery line with the grocery store clerk, and you’ll be standing behind them.

So if you’re coming from the Northeast, and you have a small amount of patience, just be prepared. If you’re coming from California, usually, you guys are talkers, so probably not a problem there. But otherwise, it happens. You know, you’re all the communities are pretty tight knit. And so you still got some areas here, not much of Frisco really borders the lake. So not a lot of lakefront lots in Frisco. But you could come to like hackberry little owl, the colony, these are more the smaller areas that border the lake if you’re looking for something closer to the lake, so and then you could come over here even to Flower Mound, Highland village.

Again, these are just very well developed communities. I mean Flower Mound about 10 years ago was kind of the rage. I mean, everybody was moving to fire mountain, it’s kind of leveled off a little bit since then. So just something to keep in mind. But you still kind of see all the proximity here to you know, to downtown Dallas, Fire Mountain, you still got you know, little ways but you do have good proximity to the Dallas Fort Worth airport. So that’s right there. That’s just something to keep in mind. And last but not least, you’ve got South Lake and South Lake right here. Really the reason we don’t talk about it much. And because it’s not in Dallas. It’s actually in Tarrant County, which is the Fort Worth side of the Metroplex, but it is hands down best school districts in the nation. Topping is the number two or three in Texas. I mean, it’s up there at great football programs. You know, people like Terry Bradshaw, I think Drew Brees I think Peyton Manning, or now Sean Payton from the saints, you know, has a house there. So it is super big on high school football.

So that’s definitely and and but it’s it the whole area is pricey. But if there’s some great options, you see rise, you go into South Lake, it’s got this really cool area, all this commercial, they got the town square shops, restaurants bar, they kind of concentrated it all right there right off the highway. And you can see you’re super close to the Dallas Fort Worth airport. So if you’re a traveler, a frequent traveler that you’re going to have next to no commute on there. And again, people that are in South Lake stay in South Lake. You’re right here close to grapevine lake. I think one of the my favorite legs here because of the hiking and the biking and the mountain biking trails. So you’ve got a quick shot to grapevine lake. That is a lot of fun to hang out with or to hang out and do things on grapevine lake. So another great option there as well.

Man, that that covers quite a bit when you say and then I can even touch a little bit here on Coppell you’re going to check out. We have a full blog on Coppell which is actually the number one suburb in all of Dallas and so that’s not that well known. It is considered The best school districts in Dallas. Actually number one right behind Highland Park. But the thing is, is Highland Park is not considered a part of Dallas. So when you actually look at the best school district in Dallas, Coppell is the top and they ranked as the best suburb. So there’s a lot to do in Coppell. Check out our full blog tour, they’ve got nature preserves these huge parks. We’ve covered all of that in our blog. This whole Lake area down here, North Lake, they’ve got an amphitheater, everything you could imagine going on right there. I mean, it just goes they’ve got this historic, this kind of quasi historic area where they’ve got some historic parts to it. But then they also have new construction, but made that new construction local. So it’s really pretty cool area there as well. And you get some great price homes and propel again, the best school district and all Dallas, and they’re number six in the state of Texas for school districts. So top notch, they compete a lot with South Lake so you can see and then you’ve got in the middle grapevine actually doesn’t have high schools. Depending on where you live in grapevine, you’re either going to go to Coppell High School, or you’re going to go to South Lake High School. So if you’re looking for something a little bit more affordable, we’ve got a grapevine blog as well. You’ll want to check that out. Because that’s smack dab in the middle of Coppell and, and South Lake and crack there at the airport. And of course grapevine claims to grapevine Lake, but they’re also grapevine Lake, is a grapevine is well known for its wineries probably the largest out there, yes, there’s wineries here in the Dallas Fort Worth area. So if you want to do some wine tours and go do some tastings, then that’s where grapevine gets its name. So something you definitely want to check out there too. And that pretty much wraps up our suburb tour of Dallas.

So I hope you found that helpful. If you did, please comment that and please give us a thumbs up if you I feel like I’m about to run out of breath that talk so much on that video. So if you stuck it out through the end, really appreciate you give us a thumbs up if you found that helpful. Of course, there’s a lot more to know about each and every one but we wanted to keep this as short and concise as possible. So again, you know whether you’re moving in nine days or 90 days, please give us a call, shoot us a text or send us an email. We’d be happy to help you out in any way possible. So until next time, we hope to see you around town.

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