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The Bishop Arts District in Dallas Texas is one of the hottest neighborhoods. You will find everything in the Bishop Arts District in Dallas!

This is a historic area. They’re restoring all the buildings. You’ve got Bishop cider, which is really well known for its ciders here – a local cider company, and really, really good ciders. You definitely got to check them out. And you’ve got Lockhart Barbecue right at the end. One of the best barbecue joints in all of Dallas.

The good thing about Bishop arts is not only you got the good restaurants and bars down here, but you’ve got a lot of really cool boutique shops as well. And they’ve got a lot of the cool local artwork and artistry and just knickknacks you think you’d like.

If you’re thinking about renting first, this apartment will be a great option down here in Bishop arts. And it’s just right outside of Dallas, you can see Dallas, the whole skyline right from here. So it’s a quick shot right up the highway, you’re close to the Dallas Zoo. Plus you’re on the south side of Dallas. So if you’re doing anything south or east, or you head to Arlington, you got a quick shot over there as well. So conveniently located right off the 35.

There’s not really a lot of inventory in Bishop Arts. But you’re right here on the border of Kessler Park, which to me, is a hidden gem of Dallas. It’s not really a well-known neighborhood. It’s not a place that a lot of people look to. And there’s still a couple of deals to be found here.

This home was built in 1930. And if you have seen some of the other videos, you know, I love historic homes. And when you find some of these older homes like this and they’ve been updated. Clearly, this one’s been painted, it’s ready to go on the market. You can even see you got some other older homes in the neighborhood. But you’re still gonna have some development in the area too.

And the next price point we have this home. It is a four-bedroom, three-bath, it’s actually just $739,000. It’s a little over 2700 square feet. But again, look at that it has a little bit of an elevation right here and is covered in trees. Looks like they’ve got a new construction home going in right beside it.

Now, let’s check what $1.1 million will get you here in Kessler Park. This is actually a new build, it was just finished up. But it is absolutely amazing in here. I like this style of new construction. It’s really nice. But what’s they’re doing a little construction across the street, but you can kind of see that much older home right there.

Overall, I love the neighborhood because as you drive through it you get shots of downtown just depending on what street or stop sign or stoplight that you’re at. And it’s very hilly over there and as you know my biggest complaint with Dallas is it’s pretty flat right but you get over in those types of neighborhoods and, you know, there’s a little bit more driving entertainment, you could say just going around the neighborhood.

And of course, whether you’re moving in 9 days or 90 days, you know, just give us a call shoot us a text or send us an email. We hope to see you around town.

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