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6 Pros Of Living In Dallas Texas (2023)

I’m still in Dallas, Texas and the pros of living here are what make me want to stay.

There are many reasons that make Dallas appealing to so many people, but some of the pros make it incomparable to other cities.

And these six reasons why people love Dallas are enough to keep me here for years to come. 

Click here to check out the video all about the pros of living in Dallas, Texas.

Pro #1 – Food in Dallas Texas

If you’re a foodie, the variety, quality, and culture surrounding food in Dallas, Texas is unparalleled. With authentic food ranging from Indian, Asian, Mexican, Barbecue and so much more, there’s no better place to find something everyone will love. 

In fact, many people return to the same restaurants over and over because the food is just that good. 

You’ve got Betos in West Dallas, Paradisos in Bishop Arts, The Rooftop at HG Supply in Greenville avenue, Roadie Grill off of McKinney Avenue, or many options up in Frisco.

Dallas has it all.

Pro #2 – The Potential For Growth

Dallas has huge potential for growth. It isn’t water-locked like other cities and is flat with a lot of unused land. Because of that, it has a lot of room to grow. People, towns and businesses can keep expanding out, which means it’s not congested and can sustain growth.

For those in other cities, the highway system usually gets extremely congested and it takes hours to get to another part of the city. Not in Dallas. 

Another positive to the potential for growth is homes will most likely appreciate. If you buy or build a home in an area and that area grows with more shops and businesses, the value of your home will go up.

So Dallas has room for growth in so many ways.

Pro #3 – The Recreation In Dallas Texas

If you love getting outside, Dallas does not disappoint. 

Dallas, Texas has over 400 parks, over 60 trails you can hike or bike, and five lakes within 10 to 15 minutes. It also has the largest arts district downtown. 

So if you like to be outdoors, exploring art, or experiencing authentic food from around the world, Dallas has it. 

And no matter what your hobbies are, there is more to do than a person could do in their lifetime. It’s the recreation capital of the country.

Pro #4 – Best Neighborhoods In Dallas Texas

One of the greatest benefits to living in Dallas, Texas is it’s centrally located. 

It has the best neighborhoods for any stage of life. There are great neighborhoods that have excellent schools and parks for children. 

If you are single or empty-nesters, there are also great areas that have entertainment, art galleries and shops, including mom and pop shops.

There’s something for everyone.

Pro #5 – The Economics

Dallas is one of the most stable markets. It has no state income tax and is more affordable than other parts of the country. 

In fact, Wallet Hub recently came out with a study where they reviewed the housing markets and the best places to buy a home in the US.

Dallas made the list multiple times with the top three in northern Dallas. Number one Is Frisco, number two is Allen, and number three is McKinney.

Want to know more about each of these places? 

Check out our full vlog tour of Frisco

Check out our full vlog tour of Allen

Check out our full vlog tour of McKinney

But the list doesn’t stop there. In the same study done by Wallet Hub, number eight was Denton and number ten was Richardson.

Check out our full vlog tour of Denton

Check out the full vlog tour on Richardson

So five of the top ten places to live and buy a home in the US are in Dallas, Texas. 

Number 11 was Fort Worth and number 19 was Plano. Grand Prairie was in the study as well. In all, there are nine cities out of the top 30 places to live and buy a home that are in Dallas Texas. 

You can’t go wrong with moving to Dallas.

Pro #6 – The Job Economy

The job economy is one of the best benefits to living in Dallas, Texas. It’s unmatched. 

Indeed said that Dallas is the number three best job market in the country, the fastest growing city in the country, and the third highest salary. It has an average of $68,000/year in the Dallas area and in Collin County, the average salary is $101,000/year. 

Some of the biggest companies in the nation with thousands of employees are in Dallas. For example, AT&T, American Airlines, Capital One, Goldman Sachs, Fidelity, Charles Schwab, Southwest, ExxonMobil, Fossil, Hewlett-Packard, Baylor Health Care, and so many more. Tech is also skyrocketing here in Dallas.

Dallas is tax friendly, freedom friendly, and Forbes considers to be in the top 10 business friendly cities. It’s the ideal environment for companies, corporations, people, and families. 

Also, if you’re a frequent traveler, for work or otherwise, it’s a great location. Dallas has a major airport in Fort Worth that makes it easy to catch flights. It’s in the Central Time Zone, which makes it easier to travel either east or west to other time zones. They aren’t very far and there isn’t much of a time difference so jet lag isn’t a problem.

Dallas isn’t only a business friendly environment, it’s also a business travel friendly environment. 

In Conclusion

Dallas, Texas has more benefits than I can list. There is huge potential for growth. It has great opportunities for recreation, building a business and having amazing experiences. And it aligns with my values and beliefs about business and freedom.

In short, I’m here to stay and I’m not the only one. These are only a few of the pros that make people love Dallas, Texas.

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