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5 Reasons To Consider Moving To McKinney, Texas

Are you planning on moving to Texas and want a small-town feel with all the modern conveniences? McKinney, Texas is just that. 

McKinney, Texas is only 30 miles north of Dallas and has a population of a little over 200,000 people. It has a strong sense of community that is tight-knit and friendly. 

If you commute to Dallas, it gets congested before and after the work day, but otherwise it’s a straight shot on highway 75. It’ll only take you about 30-40 minutes to get there. However, even during rush hour traffic, it isn’t as bad as it used to be before the pandemic as many companies have moved online and are working more remotely. 

You can also easily catch a flight at the Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport. It’s only about 35 miles on highway 121 and usually only takes about 35-40 minutes. 

So McKinney’s location is ideal for anyone who travels or wants to visit historic downtown Dallas.  

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There are various other reasons that make McKinney an ideal town to live in. Here are five things to take note of about McKinney before relocating.

#1 – Things To Do In McKinney, Texas

There are a number of things to do in and around McKinney.

For example, if you enjoy going to the lake, there are four main lakes that surround McKinney. 

Lavon Lake is only about 20 minutes away. Lewisville Lake is one of the most popular lakes and is the largest of the four lakes. Grapevine Lake has a lot of biking and hiking trails around it. And you also have Lake Ray Hubbard. 

The outdoor life doesn’t disappoint in McKinney. There’s something for everyone. 

Historic Downtown McKinney is also another popular attraction. There are several blocks of shops, restaurants, and a park all within walking range. 

It has a historic feel to it as a lot of the buildings are 100 years old or older and have been restored. There are a lot of historic homes nearby as well that range anywhere from about $400,000 up to nearly $4M.

Though historic downtown has a very historic feel, it still provides modern experiences. Whether you want to eat out, do something fun and exciting, or go shopping, downtown has it all. 

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#2 – McKinney Has a Tight-Knit Community

The people of McKinney have the friendly southern charm and hospitality. It’s easy to make friends and become part of the community. Whether you go to the library, participate in events, or just introduce yourself to your neighbors, you’re immediately welcomed into the McKinney family. 

There are a number of great neighborhoods in McKinney that are worth considering when deciding where to move. 

One of which is Isleworth, which is nestled in a golf course with beautiful pond areas surrounding it. There’s a lot of paths to go walking or biking and of course, it’s ideal for all the golf lovers. 

There are also a lot of businesses nearby like banks, restaurants, shops, etc. It’s a nice neighborhood and area and a great option to consider. 

Check out this video where we talk about the top 8 neighborhoods in McKinney.

But having a great neighborhood isn’t the only great thing about living in McKinney. 

It’s also important to have a low crime rate, which McKinney has. It’s a very safe place to live. In fact, McKinney, Texas is considered one of the safest cities in the United States according to a study by Goodhire that used FBI data. 

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#3 – Housing Options Available

Right now, Frisco is the coveted location to move to and the market is competitive because of it. 

Frisco might be the talk of the town, but McKinney, Texas is an overlooked gem that has everything Frisco has. Most homes in McKinney are selling in about 36 days and the market is currently somewhat competitive (though nothing like Frisco).

In McKinney, there are a variety of options for homes. They range anywhere from about $400,000 up to nearly $4M. So if you’re looking for an affordable home or a luxury home, McKinney has it. 

Check out this video where we walk you through a $3.8M home in McKinney.

#4 – Arts and Culture Abound

McKinney has a strong artistic community. It’s a place you can either create art or just enjoy it as an art enthusiast. Either way, McKinney has you covered. Among other types, there are visual arts, performing arts, museums, historic sites, festivals, and more.

Visual Arts – There is McKinney Art House where anyone can take classes, McKinney Art Studio where someone can make art with different mediums like glass or beads, The Cove where it has a gallery for local artists, and LAST Art Studio where you can see and purchase art from local artists. Visual arts abound in McKinney.

Performing Arts – There are performing arts classes, concerts, bridal shows, theatre shows, or comedy. McKinney has it all and the performing arts are alive and well there. 

Museums and Historic Sites – With historic downtown McKinney, there is a lot of history. The town of McKinney was built in 1849, so there’s a lot of history to it. You can discover some of the history by visiting the many museums and historical sites, like the Fire History Museum that showcases the history of firefighting in the city.

#5 – Education Has a High Priority in McKinney, Texas

McKinney has the McKinney Independent School District, which produces high-quality education. Compared to other schools in Texas, the McKinney Independent School District has students who progress much more academically, about 54% more than other schools in Texas. 

There are also 16 private schools in McKinney that you could choose from, many of which are religious based. Applying to these private schools is a great option for those who want their children in less crowded classrooms and more one-on-one help. And they accept about 75% of applicants.

McKinney puts a high priority on the education of their kids. Whether you choose to use one of the 32 schools in the McKinney Independent School District or a private school, the kids are well prepared for college. 98% of the students in McKinney graduate high school and many of them go on to higher education.

So if you want a great education for your children, McKinney is an excellent choice.

In Conclusion

McKinney, Texas is warm and welcoming and a great place to put down some roots. It has everything from Starbucks to steak houses, malls to lakes to biking trails and anything else wanted in a community. 

It’s a town that is sometimes overlooked, but without cause. McKinney is one of the best options for anyone wanting to move to Texas.

So if you’re thinking of relocating to McKinney or other areas in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, schedule a free strategy call with us and we’d be happy to answer all your questions.  

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