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Are you looking for tips to sell your home for top dollar? In this video we give you tips to sell your home for top dollar, even in this crazy market.

So as we mentioned, we’re covering the top 10 tips to sell your home for top dollar.

#1 Make sure the outside of your home looks top-notch.

#2 Get a fresh coat of paint. A fresh coat of paint is definitely going to be key for the look of your home, especially if you have an older home.

#3 Remove personal items from the home. So if you’ve got pictures, if you’re the person that has all the family photos, a whole hallway full all down one side, every bookshelf everywhere you turn, there’s Family Photos everywhere, nothing wrong with that, but you might want to reduce that significantly, if not eliminate them altogether. The thing is that it really does distract the buyer when they’re going through your house and they’re just seeing all of your family photos.

#4 Get rid of the clutter. If they open a door to a coat closet, or linen closet, or the utility closet, or your bedroom closet, you know, they’re gonna want to peek inside and behind those doors. And if it comes busting out, things come falling out, or it’s just packed to a hill, you know, that’s just something that can be a turn off it.

#5 Make your beds. You would be surprised how many times you go to show a home. And it looks like the people left because the apocalypse was about to happen. I mean, so the beds weren’t made, things are just all over the place. So get in the habit, if you don’t like making your bed or you’ve never did that before, if you’re selling your home, go ahead and try to change that habit, at least for the time being while you’re while your house is on the market.

#6 Take out the garbage and reduce any odors that you can as well. That doesn’t mean hide it with strong perfumes or anything like that. That means just to make sure you know to clean up and make sure everyone cleans up if you’re used to putting food in the trash and leaving it for a couple of days, maybe consider putting it in the trash and then taking it outside to your outside trashcan, right?

#7 Leave the house. There’s nothing more awkward than whenever you are the hair and an agent as they’re trying to do their job. And then if you’re there trying to volunteer information or tell him your life story or all the kids information, you know the kids’ story and how they grew up there and every part you love about the house. It just doesn’t work out. And if you have dogs, you need to take the dogs with you as well. Even if you have them in a cage, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been in a house and the dogs are in the cage. And guess what they don’t like strangers in their house. And there’s nothing more that tells you that you’re a stranger in someone’s house than a dog barking at you the entire time, even if it’s from a cage.

#8 Determine when your showings are and how much notice you have. You could say, “Hey, I need an hour’s notice. I need two hours’ notice.” You get to dictate that as the seller, maybe you need 24 hours’ notice, I wouldn’t recommend that the shorter the window, the better because people do drive around in the neighborhoods. And sometimes they see a house and they’ll call their agent and say, “Hey, can I come to check out this house?”So you want the minimal amount of notice possible that you’re able to tolerate.

#9 Be willing to negotiate. There’s the old saying that your first offer is usually your best offer. In this market, there is a situation where people are getting multiple offers and that’s a good thing. But if you’re willing to negotiate, your realtor should be able to work through a net sheet with you to help you understand the fees and commissions and things like that that are involved. And that way, you can see your net amount after everything’s said and done.

#10 Sell your home quickly. The thing is you may be coming out of state. We get a lot of out-of-state buyers, because of the content we’re putting out here on YouTube. And so people are moving in. So you may think that we can’t help you with the sale of your house in your state. But if you’re if you don’t have an agent in place already, then we’ve got a great referral network, we have a large referral network all across the US with some of the best agents. In every state, we work with a large group. And so we’d be happy to refer somebody to you if you need to sell your home in your state no matter where you’re at.

But most importantly, you want a great agent to help you with that. If you don’t know one, let us know. We’d be happy to refer somebody to you and on top of that they should help you out with the the the first nine steps that we talked about in the first place. So you shouldn’t have to worry about the first nine steps if you hired a good agent. All right. So hopefully you found this helpful.

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