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The Pros and Cons of Living in McKinney Texas

McKinney, Texas is a beautiful city located 30 miles north of Dallas and has a population of around 200,000 people. It has been ranked among one of the fastest growing cities both economically and in population. 

People have recommended it as one of the best cities to live in. There are some pros and cons to living in McKinney, Texas.

The Pros of living in McKinney

Affordable Housing

McKinney, Texas is alluring to many people because of the variety of housing options. There is something for everyone, whether that is a lower-cost starter home or a high-end luxurious home. Renting is also a great option, yet the cost of owning a home in McKinney is lower compared to other cities.

A Great Community

McKinney has a very welcoming community, despite the population size. Moving to a new area can be hard, especially for children. But the residents are warm and friendly and help make the adjustment easier.

Quality Education

Among the things that parents look at as they are thinking of moving is the availability and quality of schools in the area. McKinney has a variety of good schools that have high-quality education.

Job Opportunities

There are great job opportunities in McKinney for those in healthcare, insurance, finance and many other fields. Major companies have their headquarters in Dallas and surrounding areas, including McKinney. So there are plenty of options for a position at a great company.

Easy Access for Commuters

If you travel for work or recreation, McKinney has a great freeway system that doesn’t get congested. And the Fort Worth Airport is only 30 minutes away. You could easily catch a flight and be anywhere in the continental US within only a few hours. 

And because it’s centrally located, you can catch a flight at the Fort Worth International Airport and be anywhere in the continental US within only a few hours. 

Low Crime Rate

McKinney is a pretty safe city to live in with a relatively low crime rate. Its crime rate is around 54% lower than the nation’s average. So whether you have a family or are single looking for a safe place to live, McKinney is a great option.

Social Life

Social life has a high priority in McKinney, Texas. There are many parks, historic downtown with museums, shops and restaurants, golf courses, hiking trails and lakes to fish and swim in. 

And for those who love trying different foods and eating out, McKinney has a great variety of restaurants. There are different foods from all around the world. There are Asian, Mexican, Southern, Barbeque, and many others.

Medical Care

McKinney has high quality and affordable healthcare. With various specialists practicing in the area, any healthcare need is easily and readily addressed. Compared to other parts of Texas, McKinney provides more than adequate healthcare.  

The Cons of Living in McKinney

Lack of Public Transportation

McKinney is very vehicle reliant and has limited public transportation. As the population grows, the need for more public transportation increases. But, this is an issue local officials are trying to address and resolve.

Higher Tax Rates

McKinney has higher tax rates on property and sales than some other parts of the country. But, even with this aspect of prices, it’s still a very affordable place to live compared to many other cities.

In Conclusion

When push comes to shove, the pros far outweigh the cons of living in McKinney, Texas. It’s a great place to move to, find affordable housing, raise a family, seek great employment, or travel to and from. 

For anyone considering making McKinney home, it’ll easily check all your boxes and welcome you home when you make the big move.

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