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Frisco, Texas is one of the most popular cities in the outskirts of Dallas. It is one of the fastest-growing cities in America and has a population of over 200,000. The population has increased by 72% in the last decade.

Frisco is the well-known home of the NFL Football team The Dallas Cowboys. And in 2018, Money magazine named Frisco one of the best places to live in America. 

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So what are the pros and cons of living in Frisco, Texas?

Pros of Living in Frisco, Texas

Here’s a list of some of the pros of living in Frisco, Texas and why people love it: 

  • Great education system
  • Powerful economy
  • Friendly community
  • Impressive outdoor life
  • Safe and secure place to live
  • Sports – home of the Dallas Cowboys

Great Education System

Frisco has a great reputation for their education. The teachers are qualified and paid well. One of the reasons the education is so effective is because schools in Frisco focus on skill-based learning instead of rote memorization. The students are then better prepared to enter and contribute to society after graduation.

There are 75 different schools in Frisco: 43 Elementary Schools, 17 Middle Schools, 12 High Schools, and 3 Special Programs Centers. All of them are considered excellent and provide quality education to the students. 

Out of the 75 schools, the top three are all in the top 1% of all Texas for combined math and reading proficiency. The top three schools in Frisco are:

Rank #1: Wakeland High School

Rank #2: Talley Elementary School

Rank #3: Lawler Middle School

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The test results are phenomenal in the schools in Frisco, Texas. They have an average ACT score of 25.4, an average SAT score of 1150, and the STAAR results that 90% met state standard. And with test scores like that, it’s no wonder the graduation rate is 98.3%. 

One thing that helps the students achieve higher test scores and educational success is their involvement with extracurricular activities, especially sports. Sports are extremely important to Frisco schools.

Whether it’s football, volleyball, basketball or soccer, student athletes in Frisco excel at their respective sports. 

Want to know more about sports in Frisco? Click here to check out their website

Powerful Economy

Frisco’s economy has skyrocketed over the last several years. This is due in part to the major growth to the area. The unemployment rate is very low. In fact, in 2019, WalletHub named Frisco as #1 in employment growth among other cities. And a 55% increase in employment is predicted in the future.

The average household income of Frisco, Texas is over $128,000. Frisco has a lower poverty rate than any other city in America.

Frisco also has a strong sense of entrepreneurship and has seen tremendous growth and support of local businesses. 

Fields is more than a state-of-the-art development, it’s 2500 acres and referred to as a 15-minute city, where commercial ventures and intellectual pursuits are interconnected with nature and culture. Where your car might never leave your garage. Where residents and employees can walk or bike to wherever their heart leads them…parks, cafes, shopping, gym, spa, work or wherever their meandering heart leads. This mode of community building is actually a time-tested idea, rediscovering wisdom. With its bold new focus on community, connections and work, Fields redefines what it means to experience a life well-lived.

Omni PGA Frisco Resort, in partnership with PGA of America and the City of Frisco, will open in spring 2023 as a leading destination resort for meetings and events, leisure travelers and golf enthusiasts, who seek a one-of-a-kind experience. Located 30 miles north of Dallas, the resort will feature 500 luxurious guest rooms, luxurious suites, 10, four-bedroom, modern-Texas ranch homes, and two, 18-hole championship courses designed by Gil Hanse and Beau Welling. Guests will also enjoy a lighted 10-hole short course, a two-acre putting green, Lounge by Topgolf, PGA Frisco Coaching Center, and an entertainment district.

Frisco, Texas has a Friendly Community

Frisco, Texas has a friendly community and is the perfect place to raise a family. People who live there say they love calling Frisco home. Frisco is a modern and vibrant city for them that has everything they need.

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A supportive community is also a key factor in Frisco’s rapid population growth. But why are the people in Frisco so friendly? Perhaps it’s the Southern hospitality common among the Texas population. But in Frisco it goes much deeper. 

Frisco, Texas has a strong sense of community because the people know each other and are there for each other. This is because they make an effort to get out and spend time together. 

There are various events in Frisco ranging from festivals, annual events, concerts and live music. They also have events during the holidays to help you celebrate with family, friends and neighbors. There are museums, golf courses, shopping and so much more. 

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Impressive Outdoor Life

Frisco has nearly 1,600 acres of parkland and 90 miles of hiking trails and 50 different park locations. Outdoor life is important to the residents who enjoy their weekends at beautiful and amazing parks throughout the city. 

Three of the most popular parks in Frisco are:

  • Limestone Quarry Park – it has swings, slides, pavilions and an unmarked path leading to its real gem: a small creek, swimming hole, and waterfall. 
  • Bi Centennial Park – it has play structures, zip lines, pavilions, street hockey rink, and a basketball court. 
  • Shepherd’s Glen Spray Park – it has trees, play structures, and censored water features and is a great way to beat the heat.

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There are also many recreational centers in Frisco where people enjoy time with friends and family. If you enjoy eating out, the variety of restaurants in Frisco are definitely worth a visit.

Some of the restaurants in Frisco are:

  • 54th Street Grill
  • 3 Forks
  • 246 Thai Grab & Go
  • 7 Leaves Cafe
  • Alba’s Pizzeria

    Click here to check out a list of the different restaurants in Frisco.

    The lakes around the city are also a great way to enjoy the outdoors. The temperature in Frisco, Texas rises high in the summer so the residents head to lakes to cool off.

    Heading to the lake on a hot day is a popular activity for Frisco residents. From Frisco, it’s only 10 minutes to Lewisville Lake, 40 minutes to Lavon Lake, 35 minutes to Grapevine Lake, and 35 minutes to Lake Ray Hubbard. 

    Love golf? Frisco has you covered. With numerous golf courses to choose from, you could quickly grab your clubs and be on the greens almost anywhere. 

    Some of the best golf courses in Frisco are:

    • The Westin Stonebriar Golf Resort & Spa
    • Fazio Course
    • Frisco Lakes Golf Club
    • Plantation Golf Club
    • The Trails of Frisco Golf Club

    The Westin Stonebriar Golf Resort & Spa is one of the most popular golf courses and resorts in Frisco. It has a pool area, water slide and private cabanas. There’s also a full service spa and a Topgolf Swing Suite. For golfers and others wanting a great getaway, it’s definitely the cat’s meow in Frisco.

    Click here to see info about many more golf courses in Frisco.

    Safe and Secure Place to Live

    Safety is a key factor in deciding where to live and Frisco is ranked one of the safest cities to live in America. It has a lower crime rate compared to many other cities. The total crime rate in Frisco is 15 per 1,000 people and is considered the second safest city in Texas. 

    In fact, according to a Local Profile article, “Frisco is the 4th safest city in America”. Check out the article here

    A low crime rate is one of the reasons for the rapid growth in Frisco.


    Some people consider football the sport of America. So if you love football, Frisco won’t disappoint… as long as you’re a Dallas Cowboys fan, that is. 

    Frisco, Texas is home of the NFL football team the Dallas Cowboys, Dallas Stars, and FC Dallas. The Cowboys headquarters and practice facility is located on a 91-acre campus called The Star. You can even take a tour of it.

    Want to know more about The Star? Check out their website here.

    Cons of Living in Frisco, Texas

    There are a few cons of living in Frisco. Here is a list:

    • The weather in the summer
    • Traffic issues
    • Housing costs

    Frisco, Texas Weather

    Everyone knows that Texas has hot weather. Frisco is no exception. 

    The average temperature in Frisco, Texas is 95 degrees Fahrenheit in August. On top of that, the humidity makes it feel like over 100 degrees.

    Severe weather such as thunderstorms and hailstorms are common as well, and every once in a while a tornado shows up. So the weather in Frisco could be a problem to those new to Texas.

    Increased Traffic

    Traffic in Frisco, Texas is becoming a problem as the population continues to grow. More people means more vehicles and rush hour traffic can be a pain. City officials are working to solve this problem. 

    However, during the day, traffic is manageable. It’s something to keep in mind during rush hour.

    Housing is Costly

    The cost of houses in Frisco is higher than in the other areas of Texas. One reason for costly housing is that new communities aren’t being built fast enough which leads to low supply compared to high demand.

    So, if you are moving to Frisco, having a real estate agent to help you buy a suitable place to live will make the process so much easier. Contact us to set up a time to chat. We’ll make sure you find the perfect home for you.

    In Conclusion

    No city is perfect, but Frisco, Texas comes close. It is growing every day as more and more people realize all the talk isn’t just hype. It really is an ideal place to live and the pros outweigh the cons by a longshot.
    Want to discover more about Frisco? Check out this website all about it.

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